Friday, January 29, 2010

ready for shoppers ..

sherry and i ended up staying home today and rod went to canton.. the plan was that sherry and i would list on etsy .. since the weather was going to be wet and cold .. well, i didn't get very far .. one thing led to another .. and the day just kind of slipped away ..

so here i am at the last minute tonight .. making a post with the pics i took of the booth on thursday morning ..

i am headed to canton with rod tomorrow .. but for now, enjoy the pics of the booth .. and i will try to get out and take pics of other booths and the scenery ..

i love old clocks .. whether they work or not ..

some clothes pin bags sherry and i made using an old pattern .. then we stuffed them with shredded paper and nestled a bottle in them for placing a small bouquet ..

the sofa table size table is actually a nice heavy wall mirror that we had rod build a base for using old table legs .. and the picture frames are fitted with mirrors we had rod cut ..

come see us .. ARBOR II, spaces 203 & 204A

troy, rod & sherry ..


  1. Troy, I missed seeing you again at Canton, but I understand. So many things to get done. I did enjoy the bottles I got with y'all. Hope you all do well this weekend and stay warm, T

  2. OK you 3 take care in driving back and forth! Your booth looks great. Love the clothes pin bags. Good luck and happy sales.
    Smiles, alice

  3. oooh... I love the clothespin bag. I hope you have agreat weekend.


  4. Everything looks wonderful. I really do wish I could be there! Like the others, I am a fan of your clothespin bags. Good luck!

  5. Troy, as always everything is so wonderful. I don't know how you do it all. Good luck with the rest of the weekend. BLessings, Marta.

  6. It looks wonderful. Wish I lived close so I could visit!

  7. So how did Canton go? Was the weather miserable?

    We need to catch up!