Monday, August 29, 2011

headboard re-do ..

we have had this headboard for some time and we are finally getting around to uncovering it in the warehouse and getting it redone ..

above is the way it looked when we found it.. as you can see it had incredible 'bones' .. love the frenchy feel of it .. it is a king size .. to be secured to a metal frmae, aka a hollywood frame ..

below is the way it looked after ... covered in washed burlap, accented with crosses of raw edge muslin for the buttons and a ruffle of raw edge muslin framing the edge .. reminds me a frosted cookie .. lol ..

below is a close-up detail of one end ..

above is a great 1920s era wicker set we will be finishing out and sending with Rod to Canton .. we are upholstering it in a wonderful floral print .. the headboard is also going to Canton ..

the sweet bisque cherub duo is the base of a wonderful vintage lamp Rod discovered at a local shoppe .. he is bringing that to Canton also ..

Don't forget if you are in Waco .. visit our booth at the new LaSalle Shoppes Antiques & Crafts Mall .. you can read about it here ..

Love ya'

P.S. Please include my friend Anne's Mom in your prayers ..

thank you ..

Friday, August 19, 2011

moving in ..

we finally got all moved into our mall space at LaSalle Shoppes Antiques & Crafts Mall .. i am so excited .. and we have already started selling things .. which is always a good feeling .. we are excited that we have a place where we can allow our local customers to easily purchase from us ..

this is from the back of the booth, looking to the front .. we will carry a good stock of our pillow shams and slipcovers ..

this is the front of our booth .. to the right is a nice old Art Deco era chest of drawers that we wallpapered with vintage 1940s era wallpaper .. it wasn't there hardly a day and it SOLD ..

this is a view coming into our booth from the main entry .. our space is kind of in the middle of the building ..

another view of our booth as you come into the room from the entry .. the HOPE banner sold this afternoon .. we should have more banners in soon ..

a small vignette on top of the chest ..

If you live in the Waco area, please stop in and visit this wonderful new Antique Mall .. it is young and just getting started, but i think it is going to be a wonderful spot .. and the owners are some of the nicest people you would want to meet ..
It is located at 2221 LaSalle .. near the Treasure City Flea Market and the famous Circle .. the building served as a Hotel up until the 1940s .. some of the original rooms are still intact on the second floor .. if you are from Waco or attended Baylor University, you might remember it as the Unpainted Furniture Store .. they still sell unpainted furniture there, but are making room for a limited number of Antique & Craft dealers .. if you are interested in space, stop in and talk to Bill or Jean and tell them Junk Exchange sent you ..

Also if you head to Treasure City Flea Market or head out to Health Camp or the Elite Circle Grill or Rudys Country Store Bar B Q.. stop in and see the shop, you will like it ..

love ya'

Thursday, August 18, 2011

we done did it ..

we did it .. we got the space .. great location .. great layout .. love the building .. absolutely love the people who own and run the place .. it is easy access from the interstate .. near an abundance of popular restaurants .. right around the corner from Baylor University .. and across the street from the only flea market in Waco ..

the name of the mall is LaSalle Shoppes Antiques & Crafts Mall .. it is located on LaSalle in Waco .. across from the Treasure City Flea Market which used to be the CIRCLE DRIVE-IN theatre years ago ..

this is the flea market as it appears today .. saturdays and sundays, this place is packed to the brim .. cars and people everywhere ..
this is what the drive-in looked like back in the day ..

our booth is all of the black and white tiles .. the double doors at the front of the booth will remain closed .. there is a ceiling fan above the space .. and the building is air conditioned .. this picture was taken from the back of the booth looking forward ..

this picture was taken from the front corner of the booth looking to the back stairway ..

this was taken from the opposite front corner looking back to the stairway .. the alcove under the stairs will be perfect for housing our slipcover and vintage clothing rack ..

super excited .. we decided against doing anything to the booth other than moving in and filling it .. at least for right now .. the owners said we could paint if we wanted .. being so close to the weekend and how close we are to the Holiday season, we voted and decided to live with what we had and stock the space .. we can paint after the Holiday season ... be sure and LIKE our FaceBook page and join in conversations and posts .. we will also be posting pics of the space once we get it all moved in .. if you live in the Waco area, stop in this weekend and see the space we should be all moved in by tomorrow .. we are right off Interstate 35 at the Circle .. 2221 LaSalle Ave ..

love ya'

Sunday, August 14, 2011

a dip in the pool ..

it has been a long time since we considered opening a shop .. and to be honest what we are considering isn't a stand alone type shop but renting space within an existing establishment .. we have been getting some calls inquiring where people can see more of what we make .. and one thing led to another .. and we looked at some space today and met the owners and seemed to hit it off ..i have mixed emotions about being in a co-op .. but something about this feels different .. the space we are looking at is quite large for us and has a nice front window .. i will know more in the next day or so .. will keep you posted .. and as you know .. i will be sharing pics along the way ..
love ya'

Saturday, August 6, 2011

a place in the sun ..

we are gearing up for some photo taking and i have always felt whenever possible natural light is best. so, i have been scouting places on our property that would make a good outdoors photo staging area.
this is the base of a very large paper shell pecan tree at the back of the property. i love the bark on this tree and how it flakes. i think the tree could make a nice backdrop to a variety of items..

we have used this setting several times already, especially in photos for slipcovers. it gets a good amount of light and i like the contrast of the birdbath and the old wood gate .. this has been my go-to spot .. but i want to explore all the options.. i could move some things into this area and plant some nice plants or even do potted plants..

this is the base of an old hackberry tree and an old cedar tree .. the stumps are movable and are only some stumps i came across in a vacant lot ..i could move the stumps over to whatever spot i finally choose..

another view of the stumps ..

the base of a large oak tree at the front side of our property ..

we are also converting a portion of the upstairs laundry room into a photo booth for photographing small items and vintage clothing and textiles ..

when i decide which spot is ideal, i'll reveal what i did to make it such .. i kind of think i know which one i will pick, but i am curious what you all think ..

thank you,
love ya'