Saturday, December 18, 2010

about the bear ..

Do you see the little black bear sitting in the corner of our oak settee? We call him Momma Bear (yeah, I know - him/her). He sits there all quiet as if he has nothing to say. But, as you will soon see, he has plenty to say.

I made him the fall of the year my mother died. In the fall of 2001. I made him while I sat spellbound as the lives of many changed forever. I had been dealing with my own grief over the death of first my brother-in-law and then my mother in the spring of that year. I felt I had a head start on dealing with grief, so I sat mesmerized as the whole country dealt with loss. And I sewed.

Sewing always relaxes me, just as cooking does.

My first thought was to make a single bear who would sit in a corner much the same way this one now sits.

One turned to two and two turned to four.

The fabric I used? I had just enough to make the four I needed. I carefully chose the colors from my selection by their wear. The fabric began as clothing that had belonged to my mother. The pattern fabric was a nightgown she spent a good deal of her final 6 months wearing in the nursing home where we had to place her. The black fabric was a jogging suit she would often wear to visit our fathers grave when she was able.

And I began cutting and sewing. The more I cut, the more I sewed, the more I cried.

Finally they were complete. Four identical bears made from the clothing of our mother. Just in time for Christmas. I wrapped each one identical.

Each of my brothers and sisters got a bear of their very own. Except I forgot to make one for myself. So, how did I get this one? He is the bear that belonged to my older sister, Sister, who died in June.

This is my oldest sister, Sister with her Momma Bear.

My baby sister, Renee with her Momma Bear.

My baby brother, Kevin with his Momma Bear.

My middle sister, Becky with her Momma Bear.

Just a reminder in this stress filled time, some of the best gifts come from the heart and don't cost a dime.

All my love and hoping each and every one of you has a Glorious and Merry Christmas.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Those Fabulous Beekman Boys

I saw this idea and thought I would share.

I don't know if you enjoy watching the Fabulous Beekman Boys, but I discovered them this fall and have enjoyed watching their program.

I also am one of their many fans on facebook where they shared this decorating idea.

Winter Morning Wreath.

I hope you have a wonderful day ..

love ya'

Saturday, December 4, 2010

ice ice baby ..

I couldn't resist. (the title of this post) Picture me smiling at the thought I made you smile.

I redecorated our fireplace mantel. Not sure I am completely through with it. I know I have a MERRY CHRISTMAS sign I want to place on the wall above the mirror, but I can not find where I packed it.

Here is what the mantel looked like for Thanksgiving and fall.

close-up view of one end of the mantel

side view of the entire mantel

And here is what it looks like this morning. I was inspired on many levels. I saw some pink and pastel color ornaments at Sams club and liked the way they made me feel. There is a new baby in the family, hence the 'baby' hues. I have always wanted a 'White Christmas'. I found some faux ice chips that I fell in love with. And I wanted something simple, quick and easily put together, easily packed away. So, here is my take on all of that.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the day.

Love ya'

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Canton ..

This weekend is Canton. We are located in Arbor 2, spaces 217 & 218.
If you make it to Canton this month, please stop in and see Rod. He is doing Canton on his own this month.

Here are some pics of a few of the new pillows that we are doing.

This is my version of the popular Union Jack pillow. The one pictured is a 24" square. I also do these in a standard bed size pillow size. Both are shams.

14" square sham with raw edge ruffle. JOY

14" square sham with raw edge ruffle. HOPE

14" square sham with raw edge ruffle. NOEL

Standard bed size pillow sham with raw edge ruffle. BELIEVE

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

My middle sister is in town this weekend and we are spending time together. We are attending a memorial service for our older sister, Sister, who passed away in June.

If you are in Canton, stop in a say hi to Rod.

Love ya'