Wednesday, January 22, 2014

returning .. and moving forward

i took a break .. from writing .. and realized life does indeed keep moving .. i tried to slow it down .. i pretended the mornings didn't begin .. the days didn't end .. i tried all the tricks .. maybe if i don't care, maybe if i don't change clothes, maybe if i don't shower .. maybe i can pretend .. pretend she is just on a long holiday .. on a vacation that never ends .. i have to ask how long she has been gone .. its a tough bond to break .. that of a younger brother and an older sister .. Sister & bubba .. didn't want to let go ..

wanted to preserve the moment .. stop the clock .. the moment i ceased to care ..

its a long journey back .. after being spun into the past at the moment of death of a loved one ..

i love you Sister, but i gotta let you go ..

if you are reading this .. you out there .. i will be back shortly..

love ya'