Tuesday, December 29, 2009

perfect fit ...

they look a little tight - in my opinion - but they fit perfectly - this is the way my slipcovers made especially for this little dining set came out - after i washed them and dried them in the dryer - i like the wrinkled look - i didn't hem the lace ruffle and left it with raw edges so it kind of raveled - which i like the look of -

so we are finishing up last minute details here in the warehouse - getting things ready to load into the van and on the trailer - mostly we are watching the weather - torn between wanting to see some snow and wanting the weather to be beautiful for canton - we are in arbor 3 - space 374 & 375A .. come out and see us .. if you can..

troy & rod & sherry

Monday, December 28, 2009

canton - arbor 3 - space 374 - 375A

we leave for canton on wednesday - will be setting up wednesday and the market opens on thursday - and runs through sunday - jan 3 -

we have been working like crazy to get stuff done - priced, packed and created -

my home computer caught a virus on Christmas eve night - so i am without a home computer for a few days - no time to get it fixed until we get back - the virus is called security tool - and it is nasty - hopefully, it will get all straightened out .. anyway, i am using the computer at the warehouse to make posts and answer emails -

here are some pics of things we have been working on ...

there will be 4 of these little slipcovered chairs around a painted white round table - i should have the covers finished tonight and am taking them home to wash so they are more wrinkled - they are natural muslin ..

this was an old duncan-phyfe china cabinet - rod painted it and i am thinking i might put quilts and the like in it - not sure yet - maybe some china - i have some queensware wedgwood i am taking - so that might look good in it -

footstools, wicker and odd side tables - awaiting distressing - love the wicker basket - i have some ironstone that will look great displayed in that -

because nice matters - a sign we make that is always a good seller - another that we make - be nice or leave - sells real well also -

looking forward to seeing you there -

we are in space 374 & 375A of Arbor 3 ..


troy & rod

Thursday, December 24, 2009

my favorite Christmas movie ..

i don't know how or even remember when it became my favorite Christmas movie .. but for me Christmas is not complete without at least one viewing of .. Meet Me In St. Louis .. it certainly was never billed as such .. but for the last 20 years or so (my that sounds like a long time) i have felt compelled to watch it during the Christmas season..

i love the houses, the furnishings, the clothing .. i absolutely love the snow people that Tootie builds in the backyard .. for some reason they remind me of the cartoons from the New Yorker magazine .. i love the way the Halloween night scenes are shot, as if from the eye of a child .. i love the songs, especially Under the Bamboo Tree and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas .. and who could forget The Trolley Song .. amazingly they say Judy Garland recorded that song for the movie in one take .. no stopping .. straight through from start to finish. ..

so rod and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cool find ..

mondays and tuesdays there is a little church run thrift store near me that is open. we always stop in after our morning walks and sometimes we find things and sometimes we don't ..

we found this today ..

it is marked on the back '800' and another mark that is too difficult to read ..at first i wasn't sure what it was .. just thought it was an odd spoon .. folding back over itself .. after research, i found out it is called a 'medicine spoon' .. the 800 means it is basically sterling silver ..

so you will know ..

troy & rod

Monday, December 21, 2009

vintage Christmas monday .. #5

i love vintage paper stuff and ran across this piece this past weekend and thought i would share with you .. i also thought it was perfect for vintage Christmas monday ..

it is an invitation to a Christmas party at Letterman Army Hospital .. Letterman is located at the Presidio of San Francisco .. attached to the invitation is a tiny tin pin back button that wishes Health to All ..

.. also, sharing these great lefton hot cocoa mugs i have listed in our etsy shop.. one side shows santa and the other shows mrs. claus ..

a big thanks goes out to joan at anything goes here for hosting the vintage Christmas monday blog parties .. click on the button below and go visit the other participants ..

wishing you all a Merry Christmas ..

troy & rod

Friday, December 18, 2009

changes ..now spaces 374 / 375A

spoke with martha jane at canton this morning .. we are now in space #374 & # 375A in arbors III .. our other space was approximately 15' by 15' .. we thought it was 15' by 20' and called her to clarify which was the depth and which was the width .. so we would know while doing our mock-up which end or side to 'play to' .. that was when we find out the actual size of our space .. we asked if there was anyway we could get at least 20' wide .. she said she would check and call back .. shortly she called back and said she had a booth and a half .. so our new space .. space # 374 & # 375A .. measures approximately 22 1/2' wide by 15' deep .. our pole set up measures 10' deep by 20' wide .. we do this so we can drop curtains and cozy up our space .. and hang things from the sides for hanging artwork .. works well .. takes a little time to set up .. with lights and all .. but it works really well ...

we hit another yard sale today .. not much out there .. this one started at 7am and we got there about 8am or so .. they had a cool patio set in the back yard and at firs tit didn't look like it was for sale .. we bought a few things .. a cute little lane jewelry box w/ a key for a buck .. and rod asked if the patio set was for sale and they thought about it and named a price we couldn't refuse .. so we got a cool patio set with round table, 4 chairs and 2 'bouncey' chairs .. if we sell enough stuff at canton, we might bring it up this time .. otherwise it will probably go next time .. unless we sell it before ..

we also worked some more on the booth mock-up .. loaded it with some more smalls .. there are still a few pieces that will be going in .. but they are getting worked on .. painted and repaired .. some little footstools .. a sweet china cabinet .. some little tables .. a great little mission library table .. other odds and ends ..

the wire screens will eventually have artwork hanging on them ..

there are some chandeliers that will be hung .. some pendant lights .. some fabrics and draperies that will be hung ..

the cabinet will be filled with linens, quilts and chenille spreads ..

the chairs that go with the round table in the back will get slipcovers .. simple muslin .. hard to tell from here .. but the top of the table has a great old chippy peeley round mirror on the top .. and i think around the apron of the table is where i am using the length of webbing that i got .. the windsor chair is being painted black .. the dresser and shelf at the back are being painted white .. tomorrow we start making sure everything is priced .. a friendly price that will tempt all the buyers .. and then packing it all up for canton .. dec 31 - jan 3 .. we will be in Arbors III, spaces #374 & #375A .. which is on the same row as Heinz57 and martha jane said the people who used to be in our space were called 'luv the pearls' .. i think, i don't remember exactly, but i remember it had luv and pearls in the name .. my notes are on the dash of the van .. which is back at the warehouse .. so a best guess will have to do ..

off to list some things on etsy .. in our etsy shop ..


troy & rod

Thursday, December 17, 2009

thursday yard sale finds ..

we stopped at a local sale this morning on the way over to the warehouse ..

found some cool stuff .. an old metal glider or swing .. we think it is a porch swing, but it could be the seat portion of an old metal glider .. great white paint all chippy and peeley and stuff .. an old enamel wash basin ..2 plastic breyer horses with the original saddles .. some pink pom pom fringe .. some pink ornate tassels .. a mirror frame .. a wonderful old leather satchel ... a cute vintage slipper chair done up in chartreuse velvet, all button tufted and shabby .. the skirt is missing, but they had some fringe that i think will work fine .. some other stuff and a nice big ole roll of upholstery webbing ..( i have an idea in mind for this so i am excited about it ) ..

we also worked some on the booth mock-up .. here are some pics of where we are so far .. i think for the most part the furniture is set .. we will just be cleaning, painting and adding artwork and slipcovers and smalls .. tons of smalls ..

i am headed over to our etsy shop to list some more items .. we have been doing really well with the shop and i am really enjoying listing things there ..


troy & rod

STOLEN report: Tombstone Monument

wanted to make a post about a tombstone monument stolen overnight from a historical cemetery here in waco ..

this is what the monument is supposed to look like .. the piece on top of the pedestal is the shape of an aladdin's lamp ...
if you would like to read the story .. please go here ..

David Evans, superintendent at Oakwood Cemetery on South Fifth Street, stands next to William Cowper Brann's grave marker. Evans said he suspects a Baylor University fraternity prank led to the theft of the top portion of the marker. (Rod Aydelotte photo) ...

this is what the monument looks like now .. it is the final resting place of William Cowper Brann ..

.... though they may believe it is a prank .. i have seen lots of things like this for sale at shows and flea markets .. and antique stores .. so i am posting it so if you see it, you will know .. and know who to contact ..

have a good day .. i am off to work in the warehouse and hit a small sale nearby ..


troy & rod

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No. 370

wonderful news .. we got a call .. from martha jane @ canton .. she has a space for us at canton for the dec/jan show .. we will be in arbors III .. space no. 370 .. i was hoping for something in arbors II .. and maybe eventually, we will get a space there .. but, for now arbors III will do just fine .. i am just excited to be back doing the show .. martha jane said she was excited to see our name on the application .. there is sooo much to get done ... we have been clearing space in the warehouse to set up a mock-up of the booth .. to maximize the space .. it has been a while since we have done canton .. we have friends who carry some of the things we make who set up there .. but it has been a few years since we set up ourselves ..

i will be posting pics of some of the things we are taking .. and offering discounts to those who follow our blog and make purchases ..

meanwhile .. here are some pics of our past booths .. so you have an idea of our style .. which i think is a mix of everything with a slant to the shabby romantic .. not sure if i will have time to do any slipcovers this month, as we only have two weeks .. but i am pretty sure i will have some lampshades .. and i got a feeling i will discover the wonders of burlap between now and then .. (we used to call it totesack - and when i was little i thought they were saying 'toad'sack .. so that is where my brother and i put the toads we caught when we went frog giggin')

anyway, plan on coming out to see us .. the date is december 31 through jan 3 ..


troy & rod