Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas decorating ..

i don't have any pics to share of interior decorating this Christmas .. but when rod and i managed our first storage facility, i hosted a family get-to-gether and thought i would share pics of the way i had our apartment decorated ..

if you know anything about such facilities, the managers apartment is not always the most luxurious .. it can happen, but not often .. but we made do with what we had and i think it turned out pretty nice and everyone seemed to have a good time ... and isn't that what is important... you can click on these pics and they will enlarge ..

doing last minute preparations .. i am the type that wants everything to be perfect .. sometimes i am successful .. sometimes not ..

i weeded out a lot of things in these photos when we had our sale in november ..

i love this cabinet and love the quilts and blankets .. i made the stockings for rod and i out of two old tablecloths, one white and one red and white ..

i sold off most of these putz houses at our recent sale .. and i have already replaced most of them with larger, though newer versions ... sold off the santas also and am thinking snowmen ..

i think it is finished .. see the burgundy chair near the tv - 4 days before this event i decided it needed a slipcover - made one of burgundy velvet .. the pillows i got at wallyworld ..

my middle sis, loves fancy things .. she and i share a love of good rich foods .. we are the first to eat a blue cheese stuffed olive .. while the rest of the family are going ... eeewww ..

sister dressed in blue velvet .. she was excited with how i had everything decorated and was taking pics .. the slipcovered chairs at the dining table are actually vintage 1960s office chairs on wheels .. very comfortable .. we ate buffet style ..

the table is set .. just some minor tweaking .. the crackers in the transfer tureen are a recipe i dug up that are the same crackers they sell at zapp hall - though i added some other ingredients .. and i bake them lightly ..

later that day - after everything was cleaned up i took some quick pics of the table ... the bundt cake on the table to the right was made by my baby sis, it is an old bundt cake pan painted and decorated to look like a real bundt cake .. very cute ..

the bench across the back is a wonderful old trunk .. we used it to hold our sets of china .. the big packages on one end are actually velvet pillows made to look like packages .. i made them especially for the party ..

hope you enjoyed my pics ... wish i had a place to decorate this year .. so i think that will be my Christmas Wish this year .. i home ..

love to you all,

troy & rod


  1. What a great decorating time you had. I wish for you a home to decorate also!

  2. Oh - I love it!!! Your photos are gorgeous - and I can't wait to see what you this next year when your wish comes true!!! I am in lust with all of your vintage Christmas goodies!!!

    Have a happy Tuesday!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  3. Troy you sure know how to put on a stylish feast. Love your table, and that cabinet filled with great Christmas goodies. Just LOVE it! Hope you're having a great Christmas no matter where you are, and that all your Christmas wishes DO come true!

  4. I see lots of things I like in those pictures, especially that white chest of drawers that the TV sits on, and that big cupboard hanging on the wall, full of Christmas loveliness! I just recently discovered your blog, so I don't know what the circumstances are, but I hope you get that home that you are wishing for, real soon!

  5. Dear Troy and Rod, it was so nice to get to talk to you last Sunday. Hopefully the Flea will be something you continue to do. I used to go there for Sandy, Miss Sammy, kelly and Norman. Now I will have more friends to come and visit. Love what you did with your apartment. I'm a true believer that if you are faithfull in the little things, in the hard times, God will compensate with the bigger and better things. Whatever it is hang in there. Home is the place where we share a meal, were we come to rest and find peace, where the ones we love come to visit, to remember, to laugh. It certainly sounds that you have never lack of one. Blessings, Marta

  6. Those pics reminds me of childhood Christmases spent with my Mammaw and Pappaw in Waco. It all just looks like "home". Warm, welcome, attention to the smallest detail, yet not fussy. It's a lot like you, Troy. :-)


  7. Everything looks festive...but man oh man...the food looks wonderful!
    P.S. Bleu cheese stuffed olives...YUM!