Monday, December 28, 2009

canton - arbor 3 - space 374 - 375A

we leave for canton on wednesday - will be setting up wednesday and the market opens on thursday - and runs through sunday - jan 3 -

we have been working like crazy to get stuff done - priced, packed and created -

my home computer caught a virus on Christmas eve night - so i am without a home computer for a few days - no time to get it fixed until we get back - the virus is called security tool - and it is nasty - hopefully, it will get all straightened out .. anyway, i am using the computer at the warehouse to make posts and answer emails -

here are some pics of things we have been working on ...

there will be 4 of these little slipcovered chairs around a painted white round table - i should have the covers finished tonight and am taking them home to wash so they are more wrinkled - they are natural muslin ..

this was an old duncan-phyfe china cabinet - rod painted it and i am thinking i might put quilts and the like in it - not sure yet - maybe some china - i have some queensware wedgwood i am taking - so that might look good in it -

footstools, wicker and odd side tables - awaiting distressing - love the wicker basket - i have some ironstone that will look great displayed in that -

because nice matters - a sign we make that is always a good seller - another that we make - be nice or leave - sells real well also -

looking forward to seeing you there -

we are in space 374 & 375A of Arbor 3 ..


troy & rod


  1. I like it. Nice DOES matter!

    Have a great time!

  2. If nice've got it down pat! Your slipcovers are darling.

  3. thank you for the comments, ya'll -

    hey, debbie - wait till you see the pics of the after - after i washed them - they are so cool - the muslin i used was old / old and there was something in it - and they puckered and wrinkled like they were a hundred years old - i will post pics tomorrow - so cool though - i am getting excited - hope it doesn't snow us out -


  4. hey troy & rod,
    good luck in the arbors. we set up in canton for 10 years. we were in lewis' 2nd. pavillion. it was a great run while it and our backs lasted! i'll be thinking about you guys.
    smiles, alice

  5. you are correct... Nice does matter. I love your pics. Wish I was going to canton ..sigh. Have a blessed and Happy New Year

  6. Good luck at Canton, hope you have a killer show! Wish is was going there to shop!

  7. I can't wait to come out and see ya'll. Hopefully bright and early!! Well early for sure, I don't know about bright at that hour, but I'll try my best :)

  8. Ohhh! I can't wait to see the after pictures. Sorry I won't be able to come see y'all. It's looking likt magic is going to happen in Canton. Happy Sales and I'll give y'all a holler when we get back from holiday. ~Mindy

  9. Sorry I missed Canton, but I love the Chair covers, are they for sale separately and if so how much.

    Happy New Year.