Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cool find ..

mondays and tuesdays there is a little church run thrift store near me that is open. we always stop in after our morning walks and sometimes we find things and sometimes we don't ..

we found this today ..

it is marked on the back '800' and another mark that is too difficult to read ..at first i wasn't sure what it was .. just thought it was an odd spoon .. folding back over itself .. after research, i found out it is called a 'medicine spoon' .. the 800 means it is basically sterling silver ..

so you will know ..

troy & rod


  1. What a beautiful little treasure! Thanks for the info on "800"... I had heard that years ago, but had forgotten. I haven't been thrifting for such a long time. Right now I just don't want to brave the snow and cold, although this is often when you find the best things... when everyone else stays tucked in out of the weather.

  2. oooh! you lucky stiff(guess that phrase may date me) how unique. small,unique are my favorites and this spoon would fall ringht into that catagory. enjoy, never saw one of these. Merry Christmas to you guys. Bestest,Denise

  3. Not only do you get health benefits from your walk...........you get doubly rewarded. Good going guys!
    Merry Christmas to you both.
    Smiles, alice

  4. Neato cool find!
    Still wondering if I need your wolf shirt...

    Hey, I need to plan a trip up your way after the New Year sometime. A little personal shopping at the warehouse, perhaps? And a visit, of course!


  5. I want my medicine out of the little end and sugar in the other...makes it go down better!
    Love the little invitation in your previous post.