Friday, December 4, 2009

we went to canton yesterday, then we drove over to see judy hills open house ..

here are some pics of canton to share ..

if you know canton, you know this is the booth of donnie & lee - i don't know them personally, but i know some of you do - i love stopping into their booth - they have some of the nicest displays and their expertise in layering is legendary ..

donnie & lee ..
love this patriotic snowman - also at donnie & lees' ...

the tree in this pic was awesome in person - you can't really tell it from here - but it has an antique feather tree quality .. it was loaded with wonderful silhouette ornaments .. donnie & lee are located in pavillion 2 .. just foller the crowds ..

this top hat tree topper was in our friend, nonis' booth - she had some cute things and we ended up buying some great putz houses from her - i thought i took pictures of them, but can't find them. .. i will post pics of them later ..

more of nonis booth, she was the 1st person out at canton to carry these wonderful canister sets .. she also has some of the best prices on home decor items .. she is located in pavillion 3 ..

girls gone junkin - is an awesome booth - they are located along the main drag, aka dealer row at the corner of dealer row and row 11, next to the creek - look for the pink crown on the front of the building..

the entrance to girls gone junkin - notice the pink crown ..

i don't know whose booth this was .. i snapped a quick pic because i liked the Christmas display - it was in arbor 1 ...

another arbor 1 booth .. again, i don't know whose booth this was .. if it belongs to you or someone you know, let me know and i will post it ..

the last two pics above were also from arbor 1 .. and again, i don't know whose booth it was .. i just really liked the booth ..if you know, let me know .. there wasn't anyone in the booth when we went through ..

then we headed out to judy hills - it was almost 1pm by the time we left canton, so almost 2pm by the time we got to judys - having never been i wasn't sure what the protocol on picture taking was .. so i only took pics of the outside ..
i loved the santa - captured - makes you smile a little -
there was a stone pathway that lead up to the steps of the house - i loved the gate with the planters and poinsettias .. the lone hand dolly by the gate told me it had been a very busy day ...
the front porch was set for Christmas indeed. lots of silver, lots of green .. lots of galvanized metal .. it really got you in the mood for what lay behind the doors ..

we were greeted as we entered by a very pleasant woman who informed us to make ourselves comfortable and told us we were free to roam throughout the house .. i just remember being mesmerized and drawn to the chandelier from an atrium above the dining room table - it was dressed in twigs, and branches and vintage aluminum tree branches and ornaments that had lost their luster and color and yet still twinkled and danced in the soft afternoon light - it was as if some mechanical faerie bird had left behind it's nest .. i think my mouth watered a time or two .. every room was gathered and worked to the ninth degree .. yet, it all seemed so effortless and comfortable .. the living room with it's curved 3 piece french sectional, covered in white - white what, i don't remember, i think it was matelasse .. sitting at the edge of a white shag style rug .. in front of a huge white feather style Christmas tree, decorated with rolled sheet music and book page ornaments .. mounted in the center of an old porch column pedestal.. surrounded by shredded book pages .. this room looked off into a sunroom that streamed with light ... and was set with what looked to have been an enticing buffet of cookies, cheeses, breads, spreads and meats .. i didn't linger or sample the food .. but wound my way through the kitchen and around that incredible mannequin/doll/santos figure that regally graced the center island in the kitchen .. around those incredible galvanized stove pipe columns .. into the laundry room .. yes the laundry room was even decorated .. and the beautiful old victorian screen door in all it's chippy white splendor that was used as the pantry door .. my head was about to explode .. then i was back in the dining room ... smiling .. and head nodding ...across the living room .. near the white fireplace mantel .. did i mention that everything, everything was in colors of white, cream, natural .. the mantel was accented with 3 evenly spaced pails from a chicken feeder - i swear they looked and reminded me of those old metal kitchen match holders - they were attached to the front header of the mantel and stuffed with shredded paper - and i think there may have been vintage ornaments nestled into the paper .. then i caught a glimpse of a bed, layered and layered .. did someone say princess and the pea? ... the biggest bedroom was like a suite in a fine boutique hotel ...that drew you in and through and made you want to touch .. the bed was set with judys signature bedding .. i was particularly drawn to a burlap pillow accented with guaze roses - that gave it an early art nouveau look - there was a bench as the foot of the bed - covered in a beautiful piece that looked like needlepoint half done and tacked into place with upholstery nails - not the tacks, the blue head nails - awesome! - .. my feet were taking me into a room that was filled with florals on the walls - were they roses? i don't remember, i think so, but there were so many layers in this room .. mirrors, snow .. wait, there was a table in this room, in the center .. oh look, in the center of the table the vase filled with twigs and aluminum branches .. wait.. there's a huge umbrella in the center of the table .. in the center of the room ... filling the room .. in all its ruffled edge glory! ..whats that beyond? .. oh my goodness! this is a bathroom!! .. there is a clawfoot tub on the other side of this table set with it's fancy umbrella .. the tub appeared to set in an alcove .. trimmed with victorian era stick and ball trim... that had wonderful old bottles and paint brushes hanging from the spindles .. then back into the bedroom and out into the hallway .. into a smaller room that was a blur of putz houses, mirrors, vintage Christmas items and newer items made to look vintage ... mirrors layered on mirrors .. white on white on cream on white .. into a bedroom that looked out across the front yard .. it was set with more of judys bedding and featured golden Christmas balls .. slightly tarnished to a warm brassy color .. they dangled from the tiny ruffled edges .. above the bed hung on old divided light window draped in beautiful embroidered lace .. back down the hallway .. there were three vintage male mannequin torsos - stripped down to their craft paper color bases - hanging one next to the other ... and around the corner into a smaller room which appeared to be manly study .. set with worldly things .. awesome seasons of cannon falls glitter trees and glitter words in the tarnished silver line .. along one wall in separate corners where matching 1930s era arm chairs .. they had been stripped to their framework and reupholstered in burlap, sans padding at the arms or sides .. again, blue head upholstery tacks had been used and were visible..
back into the hall and we were where we had began our tour .. my mind was reeling ...

we motioned a hello to judy and she came over to greet us - she remembered us from canton and the gliders we used to reupholster and sell to her .. we chatted for awhile about the times, the business .. she apologized that we didn't get to see everything when it was all in place ..we assured her we were impressed and awed adequately so .. and there was no need to apologize, but that is judy .. as gracious as there ever was a hostess ..

it was getting late and i knew the drive back would be long for rod - so sherry, rod and i said our goodbyes and headed home - our minds properly inspired ..

the one thing i would have done different .. i would have been there on the opening hour .. if nothing else than to just see the excitement that must have been ..

troy & rod

if you would like to see photos of judy hills open house - you can check out teresas' blog - garden antqs vintage and margos blog - margos junkin journal .. if you have photos to share of judys, let me know and i will post a link ..


  1. You couldn't have described Judy's house any better. Wow, I need you to write my post. I just posted more pics of her place. The photo in the arbors with the table and white pitchers I think is Laura Anna's booth. Hope you are staying warm and sorry we missed you, must have passed on the highway.

  2. i saw the pics you posted of judys - looks like you went toward the front bedroom first and i went toward the back of the house - the bedroom with the awesome bathroom - i can see by your pics that she SOLD a lot of stuff!!! .. thank you for sharing the pics ..


  3. Great pics and narrative, Troy! What a wonderfully full day. Sorry you won't get to come by tomorrow. But, you can come any time, ya know? ~Mindy

  4. Wow, what great places you guys get to soon as I am feelin bettter..I will be back to visit and read some of your older posts, I love your blog :) Thank you for visiting me...I finally got a chance between meds kicken in to post about it :) Thank also, for becoming a follerer :) visit anytime. Besos, Rose

    WOW last time I visited...I was your 69th follerer :) That is so great! I will be able to say...I knew them when they were just a lil blog :)

  5. WOW!! What a fabulous market you visited.

    The description of the inside of the house sounded over the top fabulous. Wish I could have been there.

  6. You went to Canton! Oh wow. I haven't been there in probably 18 or 19 years. It sure has changed from when I first went way back about 25 years ago. Thanks for the sharing pictures! I now live way too far away to go.


  7. Lovely open house pics, thanks for sharing!
    Sending you warmest Vintage Christmas Monday wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany