Friday, December 18, 2009

changes spaces 374 / 375A

spoke with martha jane at canton this morning .. we are now in space #374 & # 375A in arbors III .. our other space was approximately 15' by 15' .. we thought it was 15' by 20' and called her to clarify which was the depth and which was the width .. so we would know while doing our mock-up which end or side to 'play to' .. that was when we find out the actual size of our space .. we asked if there was anyway we could get at least 20' wide .. she said she would check and call back .. shortly she called back and said she had a booth and a half .. so our new space .. space # 374 & # 375A .. measures approximately 22 1/2' wide by 15' deep .. our pole set up measures 10' deep by 20' wide .. we do this so we can drop curtains and cozy up our space .. and hang things from the sides for hanging artwork .. works well .. takes a little time to set up .. with lights and all .. but it works really well ...

we hit another yard sale today .. not much out there .. this one started at 7am and we got there about 8am or so .. they had a cool patio set in the back yard and at firs tit didn't look like it was for sale .. we bought a few things .. a cute little lane jewelry box w/ a key for a buck .. and rod asked if the patio set was for sale and they thought about it and named a price we couldn't refuse .. so we got a cool patio set with round table, 4 chairs and 2 'bouncey' chairs .. if we sell enough stuff at canton, we might bring it up this time .. otherwise it will probably go next time .. unless we sell it before ..

we also worked some more on the booth mock-up .. loaded it with some more smalls .. there are still a few pieces that will be going in .. but they are getting worked on .. painted and repaired .. some little footstools .. a sweet china cabinet .. some little tables .. a great little mission library table .. other odds and ends ..

the wire screens will eventually have artwork hanging on them ..

there are some chandeliers that will be hung .. some pendant lights .. some fabrics and draperies that will be hung ..

the cabinet will be filled with linens, quilts and chenille spreads ..

the chairs that go with the round table in the back will get slipcovers .. simple muslin .. hard to tell from here .. but the top of the table has a great old chippy peeley round mirror on the top .. and i think around the apron of the table is where i am using the length of webbing that i got .. the windsor chair is being painted black .. the dresser and shelf at the back are being painted white .. tomorrow we start making sure everything is priced .. a friendly price that will tempt all the buyers .. and then packing it all up for canton .. dec 31 - jan 3 .. we will be in Arbors III, spaces #374 & #375A .. which is on the same row as Heinz57 and martha jane said the people who used to be in our space were called 'luv the pearls' .. i think, i don't remember exactly, but i remember it had luv and pearls in the name .. my notes are on the dash of the van .. which is back at the warehouse .. so a best guess will have to do ..

off to list some things on etsy .. in our etsy shop ..


troy & rod


  1. Your space is gonna look so great!! Wishing I could pop over to shop and drool!! Hope it all goes really well for you, love all the goodies in your pictures.

  2. Great patio set!!!

    Thanks for coming bay and leaving a a comment

    barbara jean