Saturday, December 12, 2009

where are my glasses?

we went out this morning to a few sales and thought for a moment we might set up at the local flea - but the light rain and very cold temps stopped us ..

so, first thing out the door - we were almost to the 1st sale and i realized i had forgotten my keys - rod was driving and there was really no need for me to have my keys - however, i still felt naked without them jingling around in my coat pocket. ..

then all morning i'm feeling this bunch in my shorts - so to speak - 1st trip to the mens room and i realize i got my shorts on backwards - my boxer shorts - have no idea how that happened .. and maybe that is TMI .. but it felt real weird .. jez, i'm getting old kind of weird ..

then we hit a sale .. found some great stuff ..

... and i spot the most wonderful sheep trophy - and it was marked a single buck - $1 - i scoop it up and am so proud of myself - cause you see i know someone who collects sheep stuff and i was so proud of the fact i spotted this great piece - so i carry it all around the sale with me while i gather other things and hand them off to be placed in 'our pile' - i do not let my sheep out of site - in fact i even devise a way i can hold him in my hand and still grab something else - not going to let my sheep out my hands - someone else might get him - someone else might see he is only a buck and offer the seller more for my wonderful sheep trophy -

anyway, so i go through all of that with the sheep - get home - searching through all the bags for my sheep trophy so i can snap a picture and get him listed - that is when i realize my sheep is a cow -

rod's right, i need to wear my glasses more often -

have a good day - enjoy the season -

off to list on etsy - meanwhile, enjoy some pics of the smalls we found this morning - not pictured that we found are a machine age office desk, a wonderful old oak library table with tenons at the joints, a childs doll chest of drawers (once saw a sign that advertised chester drawers), a folding trolley tea cart, a gorgeous large painted victorian frame, a set of cameo dishes by harkerware, a set of eternally yours silverplate flatware in the chest, a sweet tranfersware turkey platter ..

also not shown .. an old boy scout type flag, a harvard felt banner, a vanderbilt cap and banner and an old wallpapered bathroom wastebasket in pink ..


troy & rod


  1. I am laughing so hard my co-workers think I've lost it! From your bunched up, bass-ackwards shorts to your mutant sheep-cow are an original, my friend! ;-)


  2. awww, fun, I miss garage sale season already, it is so stinkin cold here in Idaho!

  3. Even if I had my undies on backwards, and thought it was "blog-worthy", I doubt I'd have the cojones to blog about it. Kudos to you for a FIRST!

  4. Got some cute things today! Sounds like me with the glasses thing, didn't realize I was having so much trouble until I got them!! LOL

  5. Troy, Oh my Gosh you're hilarious! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! That's OK, cause I collect cows too!!! I prefer to think that the wearing of our underware backwards is just a sign that we are super busy, and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with age and or cognitive abilities!!!
    big hugs,

  6. I think wearing our underwear backwards keeps us more alert, so we can spot those great deals like that sheep,errrr I mean cow! Sadly, I've done that way too many times to count!

  7. holy cow! you crack me up. they say it's the shits to get old, but it can also be mighty fun. didn't you feel like you wanted to walk backwards? too funny! and that cow almost looks like it is a steer and i take my glasses of to see close up. Bestest,Denise

  8. Oh my gosh.............LAUGHING!!!!!!!!! I am laughing so hard!!!!! Great finds - I love the sheep! LOLOLOLOLOL


  9. And if you get a new prescription on those glasses, you might clearly see that it is a bull!!!

    Too funny! Well, he makes a fine trophy anyway!!

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)