Monday, December 14, 2009

UPDATED: vintage Christmas monday .. no. 4

thanks to joan at anything goes here for organizing a great blog party - vintage Christmas monday .. hit the links and check out what others are blogging about on 'vintage Christmas monday .. no. 4 '.

i love ornaments like these - i found these at a thrift store this past week - i will not be selling these as i want to use them for a season. i love the spun cotton snowman .. and the tiny tiny bottle brush trees in white .. they are in wonderful shape ..

this one has the same white bottle brush foliage but a plastic santa in his sleigh - i like the color of the ornament itself on this one.. i love green ..

and blue .. i love blue, too ... though this may be more teal than blue .. and i think this little plastic guy is more belsnickel than the more americanized santa we have come to know and love .. still love these ornaments - they are glass - which makes them more special in my opinion ..

also found a cute santa planter, which is more the style of santa we here in Texas grew up with .. i may or may not sell him - he cleaned up kind of nice though and has a nice size opening in the top of his head - perfect for candy canes or biscotti - i love biscotti ..

have a great day ... and enjoy the season .. and make it a point to tell someone today that you love them.

troy & rod

when angels wink at you ...

i have been reading a book titled 'when God winks at you' is wonderful, if you find a copy, read it ..
anyway, i believe those we love who have died are now our guardian angels .. and when i feel their presence i think of it as a wink .. a nudge to remind us they are still with us..
my momma is such an angel .. when i am feeling blue or wondering how different life would be today had she lived, had we not honored her wish for a DNR .. she winks at me .. and i feel less torn apart about the decision we made to honor her wishes..
this year, i am missing my momma something terribly .. she collected clowns and dolls, especially clown dolls ..
and you may think this strange, but so far this Christmas there seemed to be a shortage of clowns in my world .
just when i was getting sad about the fact i hadn't seen any clowns and wondering where had all the clowns gone .. this morning rod and i stopped into a little local church run thrift store ..
as you enter the store there is a table laid out with Christmas decorations, cast off tree lights, mismatched ornaments, plastic shiny garland, gently used gift bags and the like .. it has been up and in place since the weekend of Thanksgiving .. there is rarely any thing of real value or sentiment there ..
but you always looks anyway ..
i glanced at it this morning and wandered my way to the back of the store to visit with some of the little ladies who work the shop.. they never fail to lift my spirits and almost always do something to remind me of my momma ..
this morning there was one who could have been mommas twin .. same short curly white hair .. same jogging suit uniform .. same girlish twinkle in her eye .. same, same.
the emotion of mommas absence overwhelmed me and i found myself retreating to the confines of the pots and pans .. circling my way back around to the front entrance of the store ..and the table of Christmas cast-offs at the entrance..
there nestled within the hollow of discarded Christmas garland and twisted tinsel lie this wonderful ornament ..

thank you, momma .. Merry Christmas .. i love you and miss you so much ..



  1. I love love love those ornaments! I had some like that as a child but my family moved so much (Marine family) that many things just did not survive. I found a great Santa planter last week also and I think candy canes in him is a great idea!

  2. Oooh I love your indents with the inserts! What a find! Your Santa is adorable too! Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. Those are cute ornaments. I've never seen that kind.

  4. The ornaments are amazing! I would never sell those. I love the little figurines and bottle brush foliage in them. A great find!!

  5. My grandparents had ornaments like those, and I hope to find some like them one day! And that Santa platter is fabulous too. Looks like his hat has a little nook at the end, just waiting for you to put some dip in it for chips!
    Happy VCM!

  6. What cute ornaments and Santa too! Hope you have a great week, T

  7. You are ADORABLE!!! And your ornaments are too!!!

    ;-) Robelyn

  8. I look forward to picking up "new" ornaments each Christmas too. You know, the ones in bags for a dollar or so, found at Goodwill, etc. There is usually a bunch of not great stuff but always a wee treasure too. This year I found very similar glass ornaments with hollowed out centres filled with petite Christmas finery. Great fun.

  9. Such sweet ornaments! Great find!

  10. Your vintage ornaments are wonderful. They are not easy to find. Enjoy your seasonal treasure hunting. I think you have helpful angels guiding you. Can't wait to see what's next. All the best, Lori

  11. In all my days searching for vintage ornaments I've never found anything like yours ... these are sweeter than sweet!


  12. Oh Troy, I've seen some clown dolls, figures and ornies in my travels of late...I wish I had known , I would've snatched them right up for you! I'll be looking in the days ahead. My mom loves and collects clowns, too. And she howled at your backwards shorts/cow story, too!


  13. Your post today brought me to tears ~ I totally understand ~ I'm so glad your Mamma winked at you today to make your heart lighter. And about those ornaments! My hands would have been shakin' if I saw them in a thrift shop ~ I love them all. Thanks for sharing. Judi

  14. Love the ornaments with the little scene. xo Joan, the hostess

  15. Troy, I'm so glad you had that little blessing today. God does those sweet little things for us just to bless our hearts and let us know He cares for us. I know it's hard at the Holidays. My dad and brother both passed during the Holidays. Hugs to you today, my friend and enjoy the little reminders of this Blessed Christmas season.