Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No. 370

wonderful news .. we got a call .. from martha jane @ canton .. she has a space for us at canton for the dec/jan show .. we will be in arbors III .. space no. 370 .. i was hoping for something in arbors II .. and maybe eventually, we will get a space there .. but, for now arbors III will do just fine .. i am just excited to be back doing the show .. martha jane said she was excited to see our name on the application .. there is sooo much to get done ... we have been clearing space in the warehouse to set up a mock-up of the booth .. to maximize the space .. it has been a while since we have done canton .. we have friends who carry some of the things we make who set up there .. but it has been a few years since we set up ourselves ..

i will be posting pics of some of the things we are taking .. and offering discounts to those who follow our blog and make purchases ..

meanwhile .. here are some pics of our past booths .. so you have an idea of our style .. which i think is a mix of everything with a slant to the shabby romantic .. not sure if i will have time to do any slipcovers this month, as we only have two weeks .. but i am pretty sure i will have some lampshades .. and i got a feeling i will discover the wonders of burlap between now and then .. (we used to call it totesack - and when i was little i thought they were saying 'toad'sack .. so that is where my brother and i put the toads we caught when we went frog giggin')

anyway, plan on coming out to see us .. the date is december 31 through jan 3 ..


troy & rod


  1. How exciting! I am supposed to be out of town that weekend. Maybe we'll squeeze in a little Canton on our way out or back. hmmm ~Mindy

  2. I just checked my work schedule, and even though I'm off, I have to be on call for the hospital. Will you be there the following month, too?

    First I miss W&T, then I miss Mindy's Open House, and now this....Can ya tell I'm bummed? :-(


  3. Anne, that is ok - though we would love to see you there this month .. we will be in the Arbors the following month too. I am just not sure where we will be. We offered to 'float' until we have a permanent space. I am really hoping we can eventually land in Arbor II.
    So, don't be bummed .. I am also going to take my camera and we are working on getting a laptop so I can blog from there ..

  4. That is so smart to set up a mock for a dry run. No wonder your displays are so fantastic. I just always wing it and pray it will come out ok, but then again, I'm not selling at Canton either...

  5. thank you, melissa - it works for us to do it that way especially when we have others helping set the booth up, we always know that it will all fit and what will go where ..


  6. Love what you are going to have at Canton. You should do very well. Why don't you put some of your beautiful stuff on my Temptation Mondays.
    Do you do the Round Top/Warrenton show. I live 15 miles from there

  7. Troy, I will definately come and see you two. Good luck in Canton, I'm sure you'll do great!!

  8. Oh my gosh! I'm so excited for the two of you!!! You might have just twisted my arm to FOR SURE get me there this next time around!!!

    Yay Yay!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  9. I'm off, I have to be on call for the hospital. Will you be there the following month, too?

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