Thursday, December 3, 2009

thank you for being a friend ... travel 'round ..

rod and i are off to canton this morning with our friend sherry.

we haven't decided yet - but we may swing over to judys.. either way i am taking my camera to take some pics of canton for ya'll.

i want to welcome all the new members and thank you all for joining. honestly, i never thought i would double our membership in one day.. thank you. i will be coming around and checking out your blogs. i am excited about seeing what all is going on with everyone else. (if you are new to our blog, don't forget to become a member so you have a chance at our give-a-way.)

i listed a lot a new things in our etsy shop yesterday. (i also had more online sales in one day than i have had since ebay was in it's prime.) i will be listing more this evening when we get back. i also worked on a new snowman candy container. except this one is a snow lady.

i had a name for her, but can't remember what it was. so, won't you help me name her? she is an older snowgirl. as i was working on her i was watching golden girls (thank you for being a friend .. travel 'round the world and back again..), and my fav character is blanche, so she kind of has that personality. and she loves hats! she is wearing her winter hat today.

ya'll have a good one and i will check in and visit with everyone this evening..

troy & rod


  1. Oh she is so cute! Enjoy your visit to Canton.

  2. T & R..
    My cousin lives in Waxahatchee..she LIVES and breathes Canton..but I've never been..YET!
    being a southrn girl myself..I think she needs to have a refined name, dripping with southern genteelity..such as Dawlin' MZ Harriet Bawlls or more affectionately known as Mz..Hattie B..
    hugs and smiles from Cold and snowy Denver..

  3. Oh I am jealous!! I can't to go Canton. (Singing, " Someday we'll beeee tooogether.")
    I agree- Blanche it should be. I still love The Golden Girls- and Blanche is my favorite too.

  4. Dang... I'm wishin' I was with you guys! Ya'll have ALL the fun!!! I can't wait to see what you come back with!!! I think we should have a "Junk Exchange" party sometime - right smack in the middle of the good stuff in Canton. Are you feelin' it? LOLOL

    Now, I'm cerealiosly lovin' the new girl...and yep, her name should be Blanche - 'cause she IS the Diva of Devine!!!

    Hope you are having SO much fun right now...I'm green with envy...

    ;-D Robelyn

  5. Well, I think her name should be Annie, but that's just me. Literally! ;-)
    Have fun in Canton, and you crazy kids stay warm. It's cold out there!

  6. She looks pretty sassy and feisty, so Blanch seems perfect, and doesn't "blanc" mean white in French and Spanish?

  7. I'm thinking a whole play on words thing with Blanche...maybe know, since it's cold. Regardless...she sure is cute.

  8. Did you say Canton. I love Canton but even more I love Warrenton and Round Top shows. Twice a year not like Canton every month. Have you ever been to the Warrenton show it is as big as Canton and sooooooooooooo much fun.
    I am a member of your site does that make me the winner of your giveaway. lol
    Not sure if your interested but I do a Temptation Monday on my site and I try to list bloggers that have things for sale. You might want to put your shop on there.