Thursday, December 17, 2009

thursday yard sale finds ..

we stopped at a local sale this morning on the way over to the warehouse ..

found some cool stuff .. an old metal glider or swing .. we think it is a porch swing, but it could be the seat portion of an old metal glider .. great white paint all chippy and peeley and stuff .. an old enamel wash basin ..2 plastic breyer horses with the original saddles .. some pink pom pom fringe .. some pink ornate tassels .. a mirror frame .. a wonderful old leather satchel ... a cute vintage slipper chair done up in chartreuse velvet, all button tufted and shabby .. the skirt is missing, but they had some fringe that i think will work fine .. some other stuff and a nice big ole roll of upholstery webbing ..( i have an idea in mind for this so i am excited about it ) ..

we also worked some on the booth mock-up .. here are some pics of where we are so far .. i think for the most part the furniture is set .. we will just be cleaning, painting and adding artwork and slipcovers and smalls .. tons of smalls ..

i am headed over to our etsy shop to list some more items .. we have been doing really well with the shop and i am really enjoying listing things there ..


troy & rod


  1. Love all of your finds! That slipper chair is tdf!

  2. I am liking the mock up. Of course, as I said earlier, I think we'll be out of town and will miss this debut. I just sent you an email. Holla, would ya? ~Mindy

  3. I'm green with envy - you found Breyer horses - MY FAVORITE!!!!!


  4. I'm so jealous over that chippy metal bench! It's too cold here and there aren't any sales.

  5. I sure do love that slipper chair. I could've used a good yard sale today.

    Yep folks, Troy and Rod do indeed have TONS of smalls! Rest assured that their spot at Canton is going to be super duper.

    Thank you o much for lending a supportive "ear" to me earlier. It helped bunches. :-)


  6. Those lamps are great and I do love old upholstery anything! Hey...I bet we need some of that pink pom poms over at the slumber party!

  7. I am digging that chair!!!!!
    And the chippy bench is AWESOME!!!!

    I would like to put in a bid on that red dresser tooo!!!!!

    I know that you guys will do great!!!!

  8. Oh my gosh - I am loving the pink pom poms!!! I see purses!!! I love your mock-up!!! It looks FANTASTIC!!!

    Any way you'll part with the pom poms prior to loadin' up?

    ;-) Robelyn

  9. That glider is fabulous! I sure wish there were some sales to go to around here, but they are DONE until April, except for the occasional estate sale!

  10. That chippy white glider bench is one awesome piece! Love the gold frame too!

  11. I would like to put in a bid on that red dresser tooo
    kobi beef