Saturday, August 6, 2011

a place in the sun ..

we are gearing up for some photo taking and i have always felt whenever possible natural light is best. so, i have been scouting places on our property that would make a good outdoors photo staging area.
this is the base of a very large paper shell pecan tree at the back of the property. i love the bark on this tree and how it flakes. i think the tree could make a nice backdrop to a variety of items..

we have used this setting several times already, especially in photos for slipcovers. it gets a good amount of light and i like the contrast of the birdbath and the old wood gate .. this has been my go-to spot .. but i want to explore all the options.. i could move some things into this area and plant some nice plants or even do potted plants..

this is the base of an old hackberry tree and an old cedar tree .. the stumps are movable and are only some stumps i came across in a vacant lot ..i could move the stumps over to whatever spot i finally choose..

another view of the stumps ..

the base of a large oak tree at the front side of our property ..

we are also converting a portion of the upstairs laundry room into a photo booth for photographing small items and vintage clothing and textiles ..

when i decide which spot is ideal, i'll reveal what i did to make it such .. i kind of think i know which one i will pick, but i am curious what you all think ..

thank you,
love ya'


  1. I think you should hire me to come take pictures! Or just to visit. Ha! Yeah, that's right, pay me to come visit you. ;-)

    I like the first spot!


  2. I keep looking for the like button .. lol! You are welcome to come to Waco anytime you want .. just holler at me and let me know you are coming so I can make sure the bed is made .. it's not fancy, but it's surely home ..
    love ya'

  3. I love your outdoor settings discussion. But are you in Texas? I've been experimenting with out door pics also but I can only take so much of this brutal heart. I just discovered your blog and will continue to follow. Come see me at Shabby Friends. Cynthia