Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slipcover, the final product ..

i have been working on perfecting our slipcover design for the last few months .. well, here is the final product ..

i made it wide enough and tall enough to fit most any size dining chair the photos show ..

people have been asking for longer slipcovers and i tried a few designs but they were all in ones, and i really felt bad for the people who wanted longer ones, but went ahead and purchased the shorties .. so i created an underskirt they could by as an addition to the shortie skirt they already have ..

i will be listing these in our etsy shop soon .. they are available in both the bleached (white) cotton muslin and the unbleached (cream) cotton muslin .. click the movie below and tell me what you think .. each slipcover has ties at the top corners on the back that will come into play for a future project ..

Rod is doing Canton by himself this weekend, so if you happen to head out in the heat, stop in and say hi to him .. Arbor 2, spaces 217 & 218 ..

love ya'


  1. I just love them Troy ~ You do beautiful work !

  2. Troy, they really are beautiful. Wish I would have had time to stop by. Hopefully, next time!