Sunday, July 17, 2011

Glider Re-do ..

Here are some pics of the glider we re-did last month ..

we purchased the glider on the grounds of Canton during the May / June Canton ..

after we got home from Canton, we dropped the glider off at the warehouse, then we had some issues with our old reliable van and ended up attempting to transport the glider from the warehouse to our workroom in the backseat of our honda civic .. it worked believe it or not .. surprised the heck out of me ..

what the glider looks like all done up ..

at the beginning .. we left the paint finish as it was .. i love old chippy paint ..

the back of the glider folds down .. the seat itself is suspended on the framework by chains ..

the slipcovers for the sides are individual pieces and are made from painters canvas, so it will hold up to the outside .. but i think this piece is best used in a sunroom or covered porch ..

the main slipcover is of the same fabric as the sides .. it ties where the back meets the seat and at each corner ..

back view of the main slipcover ..

placement of the seat cushion .. 4 1/2" foam .. covered in dacron .. vintage mattress ticking used to create the covering which features back zipper and edge cording or welting ..

the back seat cushion measures 2 1/2" thick and is made of the same vintage mattress ticking .. it does not have edge cording or welting ..

the remaining pillows are made using vintage rose floral fabrics from the 1940s .. the side pillows features vintage twisted cotton rope fringe ..

i love this glider, but it's small size makes it desirable for most any use ..

thank you for looking ..

love you,


  1. Oh gosh, this is just adorable. LOVE the different fabrics and that rope fringe!!

  2. You amaze me! Another beautiful creation, Troy!

  3. Troy, my friend-
    What a fabulous job you did on this! It's totally transformed into a work of art. Anyone would be fortunate to own it! LOVE all the fabrics you chose.

    Hope you have a creative and cooler week ahead.

  4. sweeet! who would think?? great idea!

    barbara jean

  5. I love this glider!! I have one that I have been wanting to make a cover for and use in my sunroom- I was so hoping to get to it this summer....might still after seeing yours!

  6. Troy
    Thanks for coming by my place. Great idea for the casters! thanks
    barbara jean

  7. It looks wonderful! Love the stripes and florals together. I enjoyed peeking around, I have a booth in a vintage store and I am always interested to see what other vendors have going on!

  8. This is so lovely! I once owned a Civic as well... you'd be surprised what we managed to fit into that backseat!!

  9. I have a glider that needs covering. I will definitely do this. Great idea! Much better that just covering the cushions. Now all I need is a sun room.

  10. ohhh, I'd love a glider like that, you did a beautiful job with the cover and choices of fabrics.

  11. very very nice...I love it..wish I could make some slip covers...hum...