Sunday, August 14, 2011

a dip in the pool ..

it has been a long time since we considered opening a shop .. and to be honest what we are considering isn't a stand alone type shop but renting space within an existing establishment .. we have been getting some calls inquiring where people can see more of what we make .. and one thing led to another .. and we looked at some space today and met the owners and seemed to hit it off ..i have mixed emotions about being in a co-op .. but something about this feels different .. the space we are looking at is quite large for us and has a nice front window .. i will know more in the next day or so .. will keep you posted .. and as you know .. i will be sharing pics along the way ..
love ya'


  1. Ooooo, How exciting, Troy! Can't wait to hear more and learn what you decide. (I think it would be wonderful for you!)

  2. Sounds great Troy - hope it all works out as you'd like :o)

  3. Troy, even though I have my own shop I decided to get extra space at one of the downtown malls. I was so fortunate to be offered the window from the get go. Best decision ever! The amount of extra business and costumers that little space have brought me is simply amazing. A very awesome thing is that the owner gladly lets me advertise my shop there, actually I have been told she constantly promotes my business. To me is a win win situation, most important thing for me was not to get in a contract type thing. If id doesn't work out then u just pick your stuff and no harm done. Blessings, Marta.

  4. Troy ~ that will be awesome!! I cannot wait to hear more!