Thursday, August 18, 2011

we done did it ..

we did it .. we got the space .. great location .. great layout .. love the building .. absolutely love the people who own and run the place .. it is easy access from the interstate .. near an abundance of popular restaurants .. right around the corner from Baylor University .. and across the street from the only flea market in Waco ..

the name of the mall is LaSalle Shoppes Antiques & Crafts Mall .. it is located on LaSalle in Waco .. across from the Treasure City Flea Market which used to be the CIRCLE DRIVE-IN theatre years ago ..

this is the flea market as it appears today .. saturdays and sundays, this place is packed to the brim .. cars and people everywhere ..
this is what the drive-in looked like back in the day ..

our booth is all of the black and white tiles .. the double doors at the front of the booth will remain closed .. there is a ceiling fan above the space .. and the building is air conditioned .. this picture was taken from the back of the booth looking forward ..

this picture was taken from the front corner of the booth looking to the back stairway ..

this was taken from the opposite front corner looking back to the stairway .. the alcove under the stairs will be perfect for housing our slipcover and vintage clothing rack ..

super excited .. we decided against doing anything to the booth other than moving in and filling it .. at least for right now .. the owners said we could paint if we wanted .. being so close to the weekend and how close we are to the Holiday season, we voted and decided to live with what we had and stock the space .. we can paint after the Holiday season ... be sure and LIKE our FaceBook page and join in conversations and posts .. we will also be posting pics of the space once we get it all moved in .. if you live in the Waco area, stop in this weekend and see the space we should be all moved in by tomorrow .. we are right off Interstate 35 at the Circle .. 2221 LaSalle Ave ..

love ya'


  1. Congratulations Troy! I'm sure it will be a success for you both, and how sensible to delay decorating to fill the space and make good use of the Holiday season first - it would have been far too easy to decorate first and miss out on the chance of getting money and new customers under your belt first :o)

  2. I am SO excited for you!!!
    I cannot wait to come and see for myself, it's been too long since I got a Troy hug. :-)


  3. Wow love the booth, may have to make a trip to waco to check it out!!