Friday, January 22, 2010

ready for canton ..

i'm not personally, there are tons of things to finish up .. but i took some photos of things we recently completed that are ready for canton ..

another sweater lampshade .. this one accented with a large hand made cream burlap rose ...
love the way these sweater shades are turning out .. so you will know, the sweater lamp idea was NOT my idea .. i got the idea from the current issue of country living magazine .. the credit goes to them .. but thank you for thinking i am that creative .. lol!! oh, and this is a large floor lamp size lamp .. would make a great pendant lamp - the rose is only in place with a T pin - it can easily be removed .. and this one i added a 'rolled' strip at the top to finish it off ..

this one is my idea kind of - i saw it on an old old old lampshade in an old old magazine .. i liked it and have been doing them for years ... this one is covered using vintage YSL lining fabric ..

this was rods project .. one sherry and i dreamed up for him .. we loved the patina of the old pine wood and hated the thought of painting over that .. so we remembered the vintage linoleum we had ... and thought it a perfect amount of vintage without painting ..

back to work - i am procrastinating over a slipcover .. can't think of another excuse to put it off .. darn it ..

mor pics to follow - we have a busy few days here before canton ..



  1. Well, I think you've done an absolutely beautiful job recovering things. It does take talent to do this. I'm looking forward to seeing all your things next week!

  2. It's not enough that you see things and admire them. You really put a great spin on things and you carry it out well! Great lamp shades! ~Mindy

  3. Troy,
    Whether those sweater lampshades were your idea or not...I love every single one! Perhaps, because I live in Florida, I should consider a bikini lampshade (not that I ever wear a bikini!).

  4. I just have to let you know that YOUR sweater lamp shade is amazing - much better then the one in Country Living. All the best, Lori

  5. Love those Sweater Shades! Gotta Have One!

  6. I can see things in a magazine too...only problem is I can't take it any further than just the looking stage. You did a Fab U Lous job and I agree. The sweater-shade would make a gorgeous pendant light! Hey...maybe you can call your designs "Swades"!

  7. Wow! You Sir are VERY talented. About you coming down to visit, just tell me when, I will give you the tour. I think you will like. Blessings, Marta.

  8. That sweater lampshade is divine. You should do a tutorial for those of us who aren't as clever as you are!

  9. The sweater lampshade might not be your idea, but you have taken it to a higher level and made it FABULOUS!

  10. I have to say those really are catching on. What great finish work you do. I love each one of them. Hope your customers do too!

  11. Kudos to you for making the sweater lampshades!! They are fabulous!