Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i thought i was going crazy ...

i love new balance shoes, as a diabetic i believe they are the best shoes i can find for walking .. however, the last few pair of shoes i have purchased i have had what i think are major problems ..

now, let me say, first off, to all you cat lovers .. i love all animals ..i dislike habits .. dogs who lick constantly ... and cats who spray ..among them .. so i am familiar with the smell of cat urine ..

anyway, my new balance shoes .. after a while .. they begin to smell like cat urine .. strongly .. not faint .. almost like i walked right into a spray .. i first blamed it on cats .. then rod thought maybe it's cause i will wear a pair of shoes until they need to be replaced .. i replace them approximately every 4 months .. and at 50 or so bucks a shot .. i think that is a lot .. so, i had convinced myself that it was in my head ..

until i found this website ..

'my new balance shoes smell like cat urine .' i made up the title ..but that is the subject of the thread ..

well, off to walk and work in the warehouse .. now that my morning rant is over .. sort of .. but, i am not crazy ..



  1. Troy, I can't stop laughing. Did you google the stink in your shoes? How did you come across that link? I guess you can Google anything these days. I undesrtand about paying a lot for shoes, which is really not a lot to pay for comfort. Why is that we will pay 50$ for a little something pretty but will not pay for good shoes? My husband gets agravated by that fact. Junk is fun, buying necessities is not, that me. Blessings and good luck with the stinky shoes.

  2. Oh my gosh - you are a good first thing in the morning. LOLOLOLOL I am laughing - but I hear you!!!

    I have a pair I had to throw away for that very reason...but until right now I thought it REALLY WAS THE CAT!!! I wanted to throw HER away!!! LOLOLOL

    Have a great day!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  3. Troy: I read the long thread of smelly shoe complaints and started to wonder if they're using recycled cat litter in their sole compound. That's awful! Good luck with those shoes. I sure hope the company makes it right for all those people...including you!
    Thanks for the information. I'm sure some people would go wild trying to figure this out. Especially if they aren't computer savvy.

  4. Always nice to know you're not crazy...
    I have those moments every once in a while.