Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tuesday - things are coming together ..

Sister is doing better .. she is home .. BIL and i drove to lufkin and got her a lift chair - so now she can get up and down on her own - though she is still having a little trouble adjusting with her broken arm - but things seem back on track..

after spending the morning being with her while BIL ran errands - i joined rod and sherry at the warehouse -

we are getting excited about canton coming up - here are some projects i worked on this afternoon -

this 1960s era vinyl covered footstool/ottoman started life with brown stained legs - i had rod spray the legs and since it didn't matter if the vinyl got paint on them - i just cut up and around the legs and then recovered the footstool and made a slipcover with some vintage 1960s era linen screen print fabric i had - below is the finished stool ..

love the colors in this vintage 1960s linen screen print -

this cute little chair will get the full treatment - i am recovering it in an off white duck - painting the legs a soft sagey green and making it a shorty slipcover - so the legs show - with a wonderful big floral vintage faux quilted fabric that has a sagey green background - the slipcover will be finished off with bullion fringe of the same green as the legs - gonna be cool -

i love this afghan - love the granny squares - and i have something so cute in mind for this - wait and see - i will show ya a day or so before canton -

this cute little metal playhouse/dollhouse will be going just like it is - i just found it this week at the little church thrift store i frequent -

lots of vintage inspired valentine ideas - these are all hand cut - you will love what i do with these - so cute and a cool idea ..

these are butterfly and seashell cut outs - hand cut - by me - same idea as with the hearts - it excites me when i think about how they will look in the booth - you gotta come see us -

so many ideas - so little time -

remember - ARBOR II, spaces 203 & 204A




  1. You got it "goin' on" Troy, can't wait to see that mauve chair recovered! And love those hand cut valentines. Tell your sis Hello for me and that she is in my prayers.

  2. Oh - my - gosh. That ottoman totally ROCKS!!! I love that!!!!!!

    ;-) Happy Wednesday!!!