Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hopping along ..

getting everything packed and loaded to leave for canton .. we leave tomorrow .. this will be my first time back as i missed last month, but rod and sherry were there .. i am excited about seeing a lot of people i used to set up with .. lots of old customers .. some new ones too .. excited about seeing theresa of garden antq .. excited about seeing friends howard and sharon .. excited for the food .. there is a little cajun restaurant - cookin cajun .. i think is the name .. they make the most delicious chicken & sausage gumbo .. not too excited about the weather .. they say maybe rain ... maybe snow flurries .. we will be coming back to waco every night .. or most every night .. so i will try to post pics of what is happening and our booth and the people around us ..

have a good tuesday ... hope we get this done in time for american idol tonight ...

a collection of reproduction paper mache bunny rabbits .. love them .. they will be with us at canton this month ..

come see us in Arbor II, spaces 203 & 204A .. this thursday - sunday - jan 28 - 31 ..

an old double gooseneck desk lamp .. love these ... kind of remind me of mad men ...

see what sherry and rod did to it .. rod painted it and sherry slipped the cuffs from the sweater that i used on the shaw walker chair over each shade .. i love it .. cool idea ..



  1. You guys be careful! Hope the weather men were wrong about the snow! Stay warm!
    smiles, alice

  2. Everything y'all do with sweaters grabs me. Great stuff! I hope it is a great weekend for you! ~Mindy

  3. Here's hopping, I mean hoping your money multiplies as fast as bunnies! Which BTW, you'll sell out of for sure. They are darling!

  4. Troy, so you are not the only talented one in the family. I thought Rod mentioned not been very creative, he said he leaves that to you. By the looks it seems that the trio got it going on. Hope the weather holds for you guys. Make tons of money. Blessings, Marta.