Saturday, January 16, 2010

saturday junkin' finds

hit a really good junkin estate sale this morning - surprisingly there werent' that many people there - perhaps they had mostly come earlier - like the day before - the family running the sale said their grandmother was a hoarder - i believe them - and i enjoyed looking through her treasures - basically, everything was just piled in rooms - nothing was priced - lots of things had not been uncovered - so it was a 'dig for it' and we will shoot you a price kind of deal - they were fair on the prices and there was stuff everywhere - did i mention that?..
here is a group photo of the things we uncovered ..

love this huge still life painting .. that graniteware bowl is wonderful ...

dominoes for my 'bucket o' dominoes' - though the green ones are bakelite, so i will most likely sell them separately ..

i am a sucker for vintage glassware - especially when they are as fun as these -
clocks are always good sellers - whether they work or not ..

a small grouping of ladies hats - some fancy - some everyday - a bunch of ladies gloves in cream and whites - and the wire canning basket -
an old mission style rocker - needs rockers - rod can do that easily enough - a seat cushion, which our partner sherry and i can do - and some minor cleaning - unsure if we will paint it or not -

and this is that slipcover i made with the little pleated ruffle - all washed and dried - love the way it turned out -

well i am off the do some sewing - ya'll have a great day and don't forget to tell someone today that you love them ..




  1. What great finds at that sale. I love Estate Sales and need to get to more of them!! Love the slipcover, such a great job on it.

  2. I am loving the slipcover you designed. Wonderful!!
    LuLu Kellogg

  3. I love your slipcover! And what goodies y'all unearthed! Happy sewing! ~Mindy

  4. That's it, I'm totally moving to Texas or California, someplace that has yard sales in the winter. Idaho's winters are just too long and I start twitching after the junking is gone for the season.

  5. Okay, you asked for it....
    I love ya, Troy!

    Hey, you said to tell someone you loved 'em, and I love you like the big brother I never had.
    So there. :-)

    See ya soon, fingers crossed!

  6. Wow! You found some great treasures. My favorites are the clocks. I love them! I have always wanted to start a collection. Maybe one day...

  7. Wish I could find such a great estate sale!!! BTW Troy....your slip covers are absolutely are very gifted!!!! I just love looking at all the little detail you include....MARVELOUS!!!!

  8. Hi Troy:
    Wish I could have gone to that estate sale with you. We would have had a ball picking through all that lady's treasures! You found some really great things.

    Kudos on your slipcover, too. I think the mint is perfect and you did a great job. Can't wait to see your whole set. Someone will be really happy with them!

    Finally, thanks for stopping in and offering your good healing wishes. I'm doing much better already and will be back to my ol' crafty self very soon.

    I'll be back regularly to visit now. Thanks again, Troy!

  9. Looks like there were treasures galore to be had at that sale! Love those old glasses!