Tuesday, January 19, 2010

every shade has it's day ..

i believe there is 'the perfect' shade for every lamp .. sometimes i try to help make that happen..

i found the perfect lamp some months ago .. slender .. weighty brass .. a nice frenchy kind of feel to it.. to me .. i think it has some age on it .. maybe not a lot, but it is a very well made lamp ..

i love how nice and slender it is .. very regal .. in a kind of 'yes, i'm pretty, buy me' kind of way ..

the detail is really very nice ..

so i have the lamp .. then i ran across this shade that i had in storage that i had been saving ... one day i turned around and they were sitting near one another .. and that old light bulb went off in my head ..
perfect shape .. i thought .. and i was almost content to sell the two as they were ... but something was still missing .. and while digging through a box of fabric the other day i ran across the perfect fabric.. a vintage floral pattern embroidered silk.. just barely enough to make the vision that was dancing in my head the moment my hands touched the fabric and my eyes fell on the shade and lamp standing on the cutting table in the middle of my sewing area amongst all the fabric and shades.. my head was swimming i tell ya' .. my head was swimming ...

the two of them are VERY happy ... i am giddy with excitement .. ya'll are the first to see it .. sherry left today before she got a chance to see it complete .. but there it is .. i am in love with it .. she will be on her way to canton next wednesday .. come see her in person .. never a lovelier match will you see .. ARBORS II, Spaces 203 & 204A


i got to find something to say about white wednesday ...


  1. Troy, just stop teasing us. I feel I must make it to Canton sometime just to see your pretties. Blessings, Marta.

  2. Man your GOOD!!! I'm gonna make it a point to come by your booth! We'll be comin to Canton 4 my B-Day the 31st!

  3. Wow, you are just full of so much talent. What a great job you did!

  4. Good grief! I love LOVE that!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  5. The fabric just made the whole lamp. It's so dreamy!


  6. And, stunning it is!

    Warm blessings,