Sunday, January 24, 2010

silver sunday no. 4 .. Op Art Patrick Dupre

some time ago, someone threw these in the trash .. i pulled them out .. there was just something about them that made me want to keep them .. i think they will eventually end up in my 'dream bedroom' area ..

the artists name is patrick dupre .. from what i have found out about him, he is well collected and his signature pieces were these 70s/ 80s era op art metallic pieces .. the print has a foil or metallic appearance .. very reflective .. or as buddy the elf would say .. shiny ..

visit beth @ gypsy fish journal for more silver sunday posts by other bloggers .. thank you, beth for hosting such a fun event ..

off to sew some more ..



  1. how cool! I'd say you were at the right place at the right time!!! Happy Silver Sunday...

  2. I think that is a an awesome print!

  3. WOW...these are some spectacular and unique pieces!!
    Happy Silver Sunday, xOxO Nerina

  4. Hi Troy, this ia a "ketchup" comment, you know "catch up". Love the op art, really cool find, The sweater lampshades and other shades you have been making are really incredible and darn I haven't laughed this hard for a while with your stinky cat shoes. I would have hated to have been the cat there that got tossed out for allegedly marking your shoes. LOL!
    You are really putting together some awesome items. Take care!

  5. Metallic prints... That's so cool! Blessings... Polly

  6. What fun posters. These would make great "statement" pieces in a contemporary setting. Aren't you the lucky one to have found these.

  7. Hi Ho Silver...take my breath away!

  8. Dumpster diving pays off yet again! Wonder what they're worth? These will look really cool juxtaposed against your mid-century pieces. I'm all about mixing it up, colors, materials, era, genres...

    Have a semi-relaxing week leading up to Canton! ;-)


  9. Oh, yes I agree with Buddy (love him!) SHINY....Thanks for coming....see you next Sunday!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  10. I have (2) Patrick Dupre etchings, and I am thinking about selling them. Anyone have an idea of value? Thanks for input.

  11. Salut de Montpellier .
    La valeur d'une oeuvre d'art est celle que l'on lui accorde;
    Mes gravures n'ont pas de prix.
    Un jour dans la poubelle demain dans un Musée;
    C' est la spéculation qui détermine le prix.
    Si vous aimez mes gravures et bien il faut les garder. A l'époque c'était de l'Art cinétique.Actuellement le nom est "gravures hologramme".Sinon vous pouvez les remettre dans la poubelle.C' est con car imaginez un jour quelle prennent de la valeur ? Hi Hi Hi Hi
    Patrick Dupré