Friday, January 15, 2010

a pleat, a ruffle and a shade ..

is it considered a pleat .. or a ruffle ? .. i am unsure, but i believe that it really finished off this little slipcover.

there will be 4 when all is said and done .. they will grace 2 pair of odd dining chairs, which will be painted off white .. the slips will be for sale either with a pair of chairs or separate .. they are a very soft minty green linen .. the photos are prior to it being washed and dried .. i brought it home tonight and washed it and dried it .. i am an impatient one and could not wait until all were done .. i had to see what they would look like .. i will post another pic tomorrow.. but trust me, it /they will be gorgeous ..

i have been teaching / showing sherry how to recover lampshades .. i think she is doing a wonderful job .. here is the latest one she is working on .. it is covered with the fabric of a vintage floral print tablecloth .. love the red and pink on this .. and perfect for valentines day ..

robelyn stopped by yesterday and picked up some pink pom pom fringe .. we got to visit for a good time .. awesome person.. real .. stop by her blog, she always has some cool thoughts going on ..

tomorrow morning we are hitting an estate sale .. hope it turns out to be a good one ..

good night you all ..



  1. Hey guys and sis. Glad to hear sis is doing better and by the look of the lamp shade she is BACK. Thank you God! Troy, you are quite the tailor. I wish you can mentor me. Next time you move come closer to me. Are you planning to set up @ the flea? It sounds like you are all mighty busy. Be busy good. Blessings, Marta.

  2. I love the fabric on that shade! I want one like that! So pretty!

  3. Gorgeous work! love that "pleated-ruffle"!

  4. Troy,
    Love your "slips"! I am wokring on an ottoman right now with the pleated time consuming, but your right, it does finish it off with a wow. Looking forward to seeing a picture of all of them when your finished!

  5. I had so much fun with you guys when I stopped in!!! And since then? Oh my gosh... I'm like "oh, Troy would love this" or "oh my gosh - Rod needs this"...

    If you go to your warehouse and there's a pile of pretties out front - think nothing of it. LOLOL

    Your estate sale finds are fantastic!!! I love the glassware! And your slip cover? GORGEOUS!!!

    Talk to you soon and Thank You again!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  6. I love the slipcovers... I have a thing for little pleats!

  7. I adore that lampshade! I love vintage tablecloths too but never thought of using one to recover a lampshade--clever!