Wednesday, January 13, 2010

white wednesday - later that day

white wednesday - i love the idea - it comes from kathleen at 'faded charm' - such a gracious host and this makes the 30th white wednesday she has hosted.. i just never seem to remember to participate until it feels too late - so i remembered today even though it was later - and i went ahead with a post -

white has always been sort of mysterious to me - i love how it is often used to veil what lies beneath or beyond -

i don't think i am really a white person - i like things that are white and i always sell things that are white - but as i look around at my personal collection of items, white is sparse - even the whites i find myself drawn to are not what one would call white white -

my inventory of things that are white -

i love the embroidery work on a white spread - or sham - even just a touch on a pillow case - i really do like white bed linens - the majority of my linens are white as is my comforter - i like white bath towels -

the simple white chain stitch on this european sham is so sweet - even though a lot of the area around this section is stained and has rust spots - i have hoarded this because i love the way the stitching is done - it may appear in a project soon ..

i love white crocheted pieces, though i am ALWAYS tempted to tea dye them, especially if i am using them in a project ..

white painted wood, especially accent pieces like this shutter - i have a pair, which will be at canton this coming month - i like - a lot - the reverse side is green - so when i would get tired of the white - i turned them around and displayed the green side...

chippy white paint is the best - whether it happens naturally like the section above - which is from an old busted up garden trellis - which will also be at the upcoming canton show ..

or you make it look chippy yourself - like i did in the above picture - the table was an old oak table - the finish was too far gone and i felt it needed to be painted - i painted it white and matched it with a set of 4 chairs - also painted white - sold the chairs and the table remains - still i love the way the white chippy paint turned out on this piece ..

and to totally change the subject and even though it has nothing to do with white or white wednesday - i wanted to share - here is one thing i worked on today - hand covering this lampshade, which is hand sewn to the frame - and will be used to accent this wonderful asian inspired pottery lamp below .. i love the fabric - sherry brought it from home - there is enough left that i may make a pillow - we'll see ..

isn't this a cool lamp? - i love it!

come see us in canton this month - january 28 - january 31 2010 -

ARBOR II, spaces 203 & 204A



  1. Love the fabric on that shade! Enjoy Canton!

  2. The fabric is perfect for the lamp! Try boiling your white spread in Biz before you cut it up. I've tried this method and it works. Nothing has fallen apart on me...YET!

  3. What wonderful fabric on the shade. That's a lot of work, covering a shade. I'm late in posting for WW also...sometimes it just happens, right? Hope you had a great one!

  4. Yes sir, you are mysterious! Love all that embroidery. better late than not at all!

  5. Troy, Let's hope you get there with a hitch! Good show! I have only managed one white wed!
    smiles, alice