Monday, January 18, 2010

no party - just projects ..

i looked for a party to join today, but couldn't find one .. so i am just going to show you some of the things going on here at the junk exchange ..

first up is a little project i finished yesterday ... this was the folding holder for the old tv trays that everyone had in the 60s and 70s ... i made a laundry basket out of vintage fabrics .. the cart folds and rolls ..

here is the laundry basket with the slipcovers in it ... i thought about doing a whole series on the slipcovers .. you know slipcovers in the back the truck .. slipcovers on the carport .. slipcovers in a field .. anyway, i love the way the laundry basket turned out ..

i found a box full of old vacation slides that i will be bringing to canton .. some of them are pretty cool scenes of yellowstone and other parks ..
now, this is super cool to the inth degree ... vintage 1940s era linoleum .. we have an entire roll of this pattern but it is very fragile and when we tried unrolling it, it broke into sections... so we are going to use it to top small tables and the like .. look for a few pieces accented with this at the upcoming canton show ...

more vintage linoleum .. this is a room size section we purchased some years ago and had forgotten about it until we discovered it in one of our storage barns buried underneath some unfinished projects ... there is quite a bit of this also .. and we will be making things that will be topped with sections of this ..
there are several different nursery rhyme scenes .. mary had a little lamb ... jack and jill .. 3 men in a tub .. are just a few that i can think of right now .. oh, yeah and puss n boots ... very funny stuff ... and will be fun once it is washed and waxed ..

and finally here is a little lampshade i finished yesterday ... sherry bought this lamp and it had the shade ... all i did was recover the shade and trim it out with the original trim that was on the shade to begin with ... it is not an old lamp, but has a great look ..

don't forget to come see us in canton this month ..

january 28 - january 31 2010 -
ARBOR II, spaces 203 & 204A



  1. Troy:
    I'm flat LOVIN' the laundry cart. What a fabulous idea! hmmmmm, now to find a cart-y thing to repurpose!
    Have a great day!

  2. I'm liking your cart, too. Lots of great stuff, you keep rediscovering in those barns! ~Mindy

  3. Hi Troy,
    I continue to be blown away by your gorgeous sewing projects and was wondering if you do custom orders and if so what are your prices like? I have four Ikea dining chairs in my studio space that I would love to have slipcovers for similiar to what you posted on the JMS site in a white ducking/cotton/denim.
    Let me know what you think. Thanks Troy.

  4. LOL I LOVE the laundry cart!!! And I just don't think you can have too many slipcovers... I'm trying to figure out how to slipcover the single wide right now. LOLOLOL

    Love LOVE your lamp shade!!!!!

    ;-) Happy Monday!

  5. I need a laundry cart! I'm sick of hauling those baskets around. I shall have to talk to the Mr.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the linoleum, that's COOL!

    I've been trying to chat with ya all day, but you're in a constant state of "idle"....I can relate. :-)


  6. Ok can definitely hook these lovelies up to Mi4M. LOVE LOVE LOVE that laundry cart. *swoon*

    Tried to email ya, but yes, I do sell from my website here:

    And I can do wholesale too.


  7. Love that laundry cart! My grandma had a similar one years ago. I've looked for that style... now I'll be looking for a used TV tray holder. It's always fun to stop by your blog. I love your creativity!