Tuesday, February 2, 2010

new space and friendly faces ..

yesterday was spent unloading the van and trailer .. and starting a mock-up of the new space - we didn't do a mock-up of the space this past month and i think it hurt the look of the booth .. yes, we have a new space - the coming month at canton, we will be in spaces 207 & 208A .. if you are familiar with the Arbors, we will be one step closer to the large walkway - alley - at the end of Arbor 3, before entering Arbor 2 .. 2nd vendor on the right .. to the left of the Green Tree Pecan vendor trailer .. that big reddish burgundy trailer ..

anyway, sharing some pics I took of this past weekend..

the entrance area to canton, off hiway 19 - there is a large parking lot across the hiway from this - there is a large iron entrance with the words 'canton first monday' - or something like that above this statue ..

next month we will be down the left side of this big trailer .. into the left side of Arbor II .. 2nd vendor on the right .. they sell nuts of all varieties out of that trailer and are busy all weekend long .. i got a big bag of raw walnuts for $4.75 .. they were/are delicious ..

the following pics are of some of my favorite places to shop .. just some random shots .. if you can figure out where they are, then you know where i like to go hunting for treasures on the canton grounds .. but i am not going to tell you .. maybe if you come see us, i will point you in the direction .. maybe ..

if there were any doubt in my mind, i think looking at the pics i took this weekend confirms for myself, i am a junker .. i love junk .. piles and piles of junk and the more junk the better .. it was cold and miserable this weekend and there weren't near the vendors - or customers - there usually are .. the PERFECT time to find some real goodies ..
have a wonderful candlemas day - according to the history, today is the day you should remove all your Christmas decorations ..
"Down with the rosemary, and so
Down with the bays and mistletoe;
Down with the holly, ivy, all,
Wherewith ye dress'd the Christmas Hall"
Robert Herrick (1591–1674), "Ceremony upon Candlemas Eve"
i think i just barely made it .. tell the truth, do you still have your decorations up? .. i didn't have all that much stuff .. still have a tree in the bedroom, a little one .. very little .. anyway, next year i will wait until feb 2 and now i know a reason to wait that long ..



  1. Uhmmm.........truth. I have a garland with Christmas stuff still hanging in my kitchen window. BUT! I'm a redneck, aren't I SUPPOSED to have my Christmas Decor up all year round? LOLOLOL

    I love junk - I want to go junking with you... in all of those places that you just taunted me with pictures of...

    ;-) robelyn

  2. Troy I wish I was close enough to come visit you in Canton!! Sigh....meanwhile all my Christmas decorations are 'down' but not put in the basement yet...does this count?

  3. OMG No Troy no Christmas things left up, I'm usually ready for it to go down right after Christmas Day even though I can't wait for it to go up the day after Thanksgiving! I was a little later this year in taking it down, but it's all packed away now. I see by the spaces the vendors were all open, they were closed the day we went, too cold and raining I know. See you again next time, only a few weeks away!

  4. So you're going to be inside instead of out, right? Hopefully you'll be warm!

    Lissssen, one trip to your warehouse confirmed your junker status to me! ;-)


  5. Still have my snowmen up....does that count...

    Sorry I wimped out on going to Canton... I sweat very well.... shiver not to well....

    shoot me an email when you have time about some things we talked about last fall....

  6. Troy, I'm Jan Vermillion-Thomason and am Anne Lorys new BFF:) When we were junking/estate sale-ing and antiquing on Friday she introduced me to you. I was intriqued and couldn't wait to check out your blog, the address to which she sent me.
    I love your posts and this one especially spoke to me - my art studio looks like a crack house and is overflowing into the garage...i'd say you and I (and Anne) have a lot in common!

    I look forward to meeting you in person,