Tuesday, February 23, 2010

today .. it is snowing again here in central texas .. we have the van packed and ready to leave on wednesday morning - canton starts on thursday .. we will be in Arbors 2, spaces 207 & 208A .. rod and i, and sherry are taking today off .. rod and i are just lounging around watching it snow .. i am making homemade tomato bisque soup and grilled avocado & cheese sandwiches with a side salad .. we rented law abiding citizen and harry potter to watch .. got my sweet potato chips for the crunch factor while movie watching - so i think we are ready for go ..

i wanted to share some pics of things we will have at canton ..

these are some new slipcovers i designed and made - i didn't have enough of the fabric so i was only able to make a pair - i love the way they turned out ..

the bottom of the skirt is edged with a small double ruffle - i left the edges raw - i would really like to be able to just design the slipcover and then have someone else make bunches of them ..

i left the corners open so the legs of whatever chair will show through .. kind of 'kicky', i think ..

i love babies shoes .. it has been a long time since i found some however, at a recent estate i was able to find several at a price i could afford and in turn sell at a price others could afford .. i stuffed them with tissue to fill them out and when i didn't have laces, i used old safety pins .. and then stuffed shredded paper in the tops .. love it!!

while cleaning out some of my storage buildings, i unearthed one of my collections .. old baby dresses and gowns - love them - i cut some simple wooden hangers down to size and they hang perfectly on an old rotating jewelry display ..

we have collected tons and tons of tiny jewlery fixings, odd pieces and this and that, drawers pulls, costume jewelry, trinkets and do-dahs .. i can't throw this stuff away - so i packaged it up and priced it cheap .. putting the 'junk' in Junk Exchange ..

also uncovered these - they are actual pressed flowers .. great for craft projects .. there are also leaves .. all small details ..

i love this old bathroom trash can - of course, now it could be used anywhere .. someone glued an old cut-out of vintage wallpaper to the side .. just like the way it looks ..

a few pillows .. didn't have as many pillows for this show as i would have liked, but the weather has kept me under the weather .. :) ..

aren't these galvanized flower buckets great!!? .. this is all we have left .. great for summer floral arrangements. .. i love them filled with fresh dill and wildflowers ..

collection of bottles nestled in an old coca cola crate with some shredded brown kraft paper ..

these wonderful homemade lye soaps .. we have them in fresh linen (shown in the above picture), pink true rose, and peppermint tea tree .. they are hand made one batch at a time and then wrapped in vintage chenille and tied with raffia .. we sell them for $6.00 a bar and the bars are big - measuring about 3" by 1 1/4" thick and 2 1/2" .. my favorite is the peppermint tea tree .. so soothing ..

old book, shredded for craft projects .. filling cubbies and nestling what knots ..

old dominoes .. for craft or jewlery projects .. i have an old galvanized bucket resting in an old water bottle stand ..

vintage hand painted chinese paper lanterns .. probably from the 30s/40s - maybe some into the 50s .. super cool - i am going to hang them around the booth ..

also, we got us a netbook .. so i will have internet connection at canton .. if you would like, you can add me/us to your yahoo messenger - our id is junkexchange .. the netbook has a camera .. so i/we can chat with you .. cool huh? also i will be posting pics of the booth once we get set up - which is an entirely new and different look and one we are almost settled on .. there are still a few tweaks to perform .. but i like this look a lot ..



  1. I want to stop by and have lunch! The snow looks beautiful, although I really don't think I could handle the cold. California weather has spoiled me. Great, great photos and wish I was able to shop at Canton. For now though, I will enjoy the pictures. Thanks for sharing them!
    Take care, Sue

  2. Troy everything looks wonderful, hope the weather improves for your trip and show! Lunch sounds delicious and your slipcovers are just divine!

  3. Really like the trash can and the beautiful soaps. Very nice embellishment on the soaps! What a great pick me up gift! Hope you can stop by and say "hi"! Have a great show and enjoy the snow. I'm sure it's headed our way in Atlanta! Lynn

  4. You DO work the magic with slipcovers! Love 'em. You never know. You just might see me this weekend. Happy sales! ~Mindy

  5. Gorgeous slipcovers! You have so many treasures... the baby dresses, baby shoes, the dominoes... so many things to fall in love with. Good thing I'm far from Texas. I just know I'd break my budget if I were any closer!

    Hope it all goes well!
    Nita Jo

  6. troy,
    great pic's. we were forunate we missed the snow! YEA!!!!! It was very exciting "talking" to you last night! Have a wonderful Canton.
    smiles, alice
    You have some wonderful goodies!

  7. Oh Troy....it all looks just wonderful!!!! I am drooling over each and every photo ~ the pressed flowers are so beautiful to me!! I hope you have an amazing show and will be there in spirit!!!! xxoo, Dawn

  8. Still hate being so far away..but love what you'll be offering. You did great on the slipcovers too.. Make more!!

    Have a safe trip and I'll be back to see what I missed...


  9. *Sigh*, I just keep missing ya. :-(

    I am keeping up with you here, but I wish I could catch ya online for a chat. Oh well.

    I guess you saw that we got the snow, too. The pups had fun!

    Your slipcovers are so dreamy, if we didn't have the cat from hell, I'd buy a set. She likes to destroy pretty, frilly things like that.

    Have a wonderful and WARM Canton experience!


  10. Those slipcovers are FANTASTIC!