Friday, February 26, 2010

squirrel !!! what does it mean?

i have had this squirrel for some time .. and have been meaning to list him on etsy.. he is a bank .. he has a slot on top of his head for inserting your money .. but the whole reason he has intrigued me is i keep seeing SQUIRREL!!! and wonder what does it mean .. if it is dirty .. i don't want to know .. sounds dirty .. also sounds funny ..

i think it is deb of talking trash who keeps saying SQUIRREL!! - so what does it mean? and here's mine .. and i still don't wanna know, if it's dirty ..

having a blast out here at canton today .. lots of people .. i chose to wear shorts today .. so here i am in shorts in a coat .. lol! it was warmer when we left waco this morning .. it is very chilly and wet here today ..



  1. I think it's code for someone who is easily distracted. Kind of like my "shiny, shiny, shiny" ADHD moments.

    I *think* that's what she means. I could be wrong...

    Hope you're selling lots and lots!


  2. Where's the pix of you in your shorts and coat? Oh please share, would love to see the outfit!! The squirrel above, well in my professional opinion, he looks a bit "perverted", I think it's his skinny head with the pointy nose!
    Take care, Sue

  3. Sue, I've seen Troy in don't wanna miss it! ;-)

    (don't kill me, Troy boy!)

  4. Hey Troy, so funny. You would have had to see the Pixar movie "Up", and so I would highly recommend it. Great story line and moral. (cried) at times. As an adult(?) with no kiddos around even I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a talking dog who was one of the stars, who was easily distracted. A "squirrel" would do it every time. Love your little guy. He's a real cutie!

  5. Debra beat me to the punch! Yes, it refers to Doug the talking dog in UP. HILARIOUS movie, and a sweet, tender story.

    I like your squirrel bank too...

  6. Well now we know what squirrel means. I was thinking crazy like in 'squirelly'(is that even a word?) I too would like to see Troy in shorts!!! I will be in Houston most of March how far is Canton?

  7. I see everybody has brought you up to speed. In the words of the great Miss Mona..."and there's nothing dirty goin' on!" My daughter calls me ADD gets in the way of my talking, junking, etc. etc. or really cute squirrels on display!!!
    Throw some sandals and sox into the mix and you've got my outfit at Zapp!

  8. It's like ..oooohhhh shiny!!!
    I am so sorry that I am missing the opportunity to you flash those gams!!!

  9. He is so cute! When I see a squirrel I think of the movie Christmas Vacation......SQUIRREL!!!!!! Thanks for making me laugh!

  10. Hi Troy, I love this post - you crack me up. I wish I could wear shorts today. Stranded in the house because it is snowing AGAIN. Actually, I am starting to feel a little squirrely. Have a great weekend, Lori

  11. I wonder if it is because of the movie Up. Have you seen that? Dug, the dog, is easily distracted by ... squirrels (well, he's easily distracted by everything, but especially squirrels). He can be talking (yeah, it's Pixar/Disney so the dog talks) & right in the middle of the sentence, he shouts, "Squirrel!" Then he carries on with whatever he's talking about. It's a big joke in the movie. And actually, it was the very first thing I thought of when I saw the title of your post.

  12. Enjoyed your post, and peoples comments. I hope to get to Canton this Spring. I haven't been for many years. Your booth looks great!