Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ok .. me in shorts ..

ok .. here are the pics .. here is the proof .. i actually had hoped the weather was changing for the good .. it was warmer when we left waco on friday morning .. it just got colder ..

honestly, i love wearing shorts .. i am very hot natured .. my mother was also .. i own coats and sweaters .. and i own some long pants .. but i so prefer shorts .. i just feel more comfortable in shorts ..

so canton was good .. tiring .. but seems like most any show is these days .. would really love to find a good one day show ..

we have been working the last few days on setting up the warehouse in case people want to come shop the things we have here in waco .. so if you are passing through or headed this way .. give us a shout out and we would be glad to open up for you ..

rod and i started exercising again .. i need to loose about 30 pounds .. i was weighed at the doctors office today .. 186 .. when we were fired from our jobs last august .. i weighed around 160 .. stress .. i know it is ..

i know everyone who is headed to warrenton is getting ready for it .. kind of wish i was going .. just the excitement of it .. but it has gotten too long for an old boy like to me participate ..

off to say hi to come of you ..



  1. Nice legs Troy! Whoo Hoo, thanks for making my day! 'Old Boy' indeed!

  2. Some good looking gams!
    smiles, alice

  3. Troy, I will love to come and shop @ your warehouse. Sandy mentioned to me that you do that and I tried to get her to schedule with you if that was the case. Before we knew it Canton weekend was upon us so we just gave up on the idea. I will leave the ball in your court. By the way, are those your legs? wow!

  4. woohoo check out those piernas :) Besos, Rose

  5. You and the UPS man. Such cute guys in shorts!
    I'm with Rose...woo hoo!

  6. I feel the same way about flip flops that you do shorts. Let the temp get over 40 and it's on. Drives my family crazy...the only other alternative is to go barefoot and there's laws for that!
    P.S. Don't worry about the fashion police. You won't get a ticket...great legs!

  7. Good grief - no wonder you like wearin' shorts sexy legs!!!

    I'm glad Canton went good for you! I thought about you all week-end and wondered if your were lovin' the weather!

    ;-) Happy Thursday!

  8. Noooo Troy, the warehouse is just for *ME*! Don't let anybody else in! ;-)

    Stress eating will get ya everytime, I do that, too. When I'm anxious, the pounds drop like crazy, when I'm stressed, just the opposite. The weather doesn't help either, I'm sure.

    And heck, I already knew ya had sexy legs, now the world knows. You won't be able to keep peeps away from your warehouse now!

    Talk soon! (I hope!)