Tuesday, March 30, 2010

canton - arbor 2 - spaces 217 & 218

i can't believe i haven't posted anything in over 2 weeks..

we leave for canton tomorrow .. we have a new space .. in Arbor 2, spaces 217 & 218 - we are in Shiloh's old space .. she will be moving across the isle to the space we were in last month ..

i will have our netbook with us during canton, so i may be posting pics here and there .. it should be a great weekend, though they are calling for a cold front to move in on saturday, which could bring some rain..

here are some pics of things we have been working on .. we will also have a lot more furniture this month as we now have the 2 spaces we have been wanting .. yeah!

love this mirror - it has a resin/plastic frame - but a great look and quite large ..

we framed up some prints in frames that rod made .. we like their look ..

sherry created this wonderfully charming bed tray - love the french look it has ..
i have a weakness for portrait plates .. and even though i rarely sell them and always price them reasonable to cheap - i continue to purchase them for resale when i see them .. go figure .. i still like the look they offer ..

rod has been busy making signs .. wait until you see some of the signs he made up for this weekend ..seriously! .. cool!

i have been busy sewing slipcovers .. sets of 4 .. and sets of 2 .. wanted a whimsical touch this month .. i am very happy with the way they turned out ..

and don't forget .. get your Easter greeting cards .. we have enlarged Victorian era Easter cards, packaged and ready for gift giving ..

we hope to see you ..

troy, rod & sherry ..


  1. Great stuff! I happen to love those portrait plates. It's funny how you buy things for resale sometimes just because you love them even if they don't sell. I do that, too for my shop. Years ago I bought tons of vintage aprons just because I loved them. That was before they were hot and they just sat there, unsold. Customers would say, "Well what do you DO with them?" Now they are the latest thing and I can't find them anymore. Sometimes it just takes a while for things to take off.

    I hope you do really well at the show. I have always wanted to go to that show. maybe some day...

    Second Hand Chicks