Thursday, April 1, 2010

thursday -canton - april 1st 2010

today would have been my dads 81st birthday - happy birthday, daddy ..he loved that his birthday was on april fools day and he loved playing tricks on people on his birthday, esp if you were a youngster ..

today was opening day at canton - sherry, rod & i came down yesterday and rod & i spent the night and got up early and finished setting the booth up .. sherry has an ear infection, so wish her a speedy recovery .. we have a new space - actually 2 spaces and that seemed to make a difference .. it was a beautiful day and the crowds were out in full force ..

here are some pics i took of the booth before the crowds ..

i dressed the chairs in a different color slipcover for each ... love it!

some of the new pillows i am making - they went over real well ...

slipcovers! i did some in almost every Easter color i could find ..

some of the signs rod has made ..

i love the moroccan flavor of this lamp has the sweetest little nightlight style glow ..

bunnies, baskets and tulips .. does anything else say Easter Greetings in quite the same way?

like most everyone i run across - i too love wasp nests - just something about the construction ..

i just love my slipcovered chair .. this is only the second time i have shown it since i completed it .. so hopefully someone will love it this weekend ..

if you are in canton - stop in and see us - arbors 2, spaces 217 & 218 ..



  1. Hi there! Aah, I can tell you miss your dear daddy on his birthday - bless your heart - so thankful for our memories - I sure miss my daddy too. Sounds like yours was like mine in the way of always cutting up and teasing...

    Actually, I will say a little prayer for Sherry's ear infection to be healed quickly. I remember those being so very painful.

    I'm loving the Easter colors you used on the dining chair slipcovers! Your new pillows are magnificent. Your stuff is so great (and so much of it)!! I know you will have great sales with the good crowd that is showing up.

    Have a blessed Resurrection Day...

  2. Everything looks wonderful! Good luck at Canton.

  3. Canton as in Canton, Ohio? Bah, I wish I had the time to go!

    P.S: I totally failed to ever mention this, but I got the necklace, like, forever ago, that I won, like, forever ago for being the 100th foller-er. :D

    Thank you very much, four months late. :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Daddy Rash!
    I know he's smiling down from Heaven and is so proud of you.

    And get well wishes for Sherry, too!

    Oh Troy, it all looks so effortless for you guys, could you PLEASE come to Kerrville and help me get my new booth arranged? It looks fugly and disorganized and I need the Junk Exchange touch.

    Planning a trip up your way, now that me and Robelyn are like, BFF's. See ya soon!

    Have a great First Monday!

  5. You certainly have some superb items on your stall. Wish I could hop over from the UK and pay you a visit!

  6. Slipcovered chair... Gorgeous! I'm betting it's sold. We get tons of wasps, but because my husband is deathly allergic they are sprayed and flattened. You are right about how beautiful they are. I wonder if there is a way to preserve them, while still taking care of the safety concern...

    Oh, and the white rocker with floral cushion... I have one so similar, but it's still in the original oak finish. Yours has got me thinking! Even if I don't paint it, I could find a complimentary floral to cover the leather. It would be nice for spring and summer. Sorry for rambling. I just love looking at all your treasures! And, I love that you still wish your daddy a Happy Birthday... I do the same.