Friday, April 9, 2010

new sign & dumpster rescue

back from canton - so much going on - getting adjusted to new meds .. yuck .. body rebeling .. garden type show this sunday at the local arboretum .. sherry and her granddaughter are doing the show ..
she and rod have been working hard on items for that show .. i have been back and forth to doctors and dentists .. and working on a new sign design .. also getting ready to start a slipcover order for the lovely janis .. and then a custom lampshade for mindys' mom ..

so here is a sneak peak at the sign i have been working on .. i am so pleased with it ..

i will post a better picture of it over the weekend .. i think you will like it ..

also, this was a piece we found in the dumpster here at the warehouse this morning ..
too cool .. love the hardware .. it is solid wood .. no veneer .. rod says he is going to build a base for it and an open shelving cabinet for the top .. and then we will paint it out ..

not much else going on .. finally got everything unloaded .. now to get busy on stuff for canton .. the next canton begins on thursday the 29th of april ..



  1. Ahh! dumpster diving.....Love it when you find a treasure like you did...exciting isn't it??? I haven't found anything really cool on the curb for a long time....guess I'll have to start looking again. Happy hugs, Chris

  2. Wonderful hardware on your dumpster piece.

  3. debbie .. i love the hardware on this also .. i thought it very arts & crafts mission ..


  4. What a treasure you found! My mom used to find all kinds of treasures dumpster diving... I need to get out and start looking!