Saturday, April 3, 2010

friday - canton - april 2nd - 2010

friday was a good day at canton - rod and i got up at 5am and reworked the booth .. we sold some of the bigger pieces on thursday and wanted to give the booth a fresh look - so we got up, showered and reworked the booth, then had breakfast and by that time the crowds were starting to come out .. it was a little overcast here and there .. had a small amount of rain mid afternoon, then around 3:30 or so the skies opened up and there was a downpour .. and it kind of drizzled the rest of the day with more downpours around 6:00 last night just as the crowds were thinning and heading home .. highway 19 was bumper to bumper .. the crowds were thick, the thickest i have seen in months and it seemed everyone brought their four legged friends .. saw some beautiful dogs.. the booth stayed crowded most of the day and it felt sooo good to hear all the positive comments .. i think we only have 2 'seriously' signs left .. lol! that one went over real big .. oddly mostly to people who said they were teachers .. go figure ..i didn't know who he was but late in the day some dallas basketball player - dallas mavericks - showed up and created some excitement .. well, here are some pics of the reworked booth ..

since we sold the little round table i ended up putting 2 of the chairs up on a display table and creating a little setting .. the slipcover on the left is light blue linen accented with creamy white pom pom fringe and the slipcover on the right is light lavender cotton accented with a black and white check ribbon ..

there are more pics but the connection out here is really the pits .. so i am trying to limit myself .. today i am going to venture out and get some shots of the crowds and other vendors and share them with you - so look for them tomorrow morning or later tonight .. ya'll all have a good day and enjoy the weekend with family and friends .. if you are in canton stop in and see us - Arbor 2, booth 217 & 218 ...


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  1. Wow, so many things to see! That bucket of dominoes caught my eye. Love the chairs & little table display. Another favorite is the bowl with seashells in it... looks beautiful together, and the picture of them is pretty enough to be framed!

    Nita Jo