Saturday, April 3, 2010

this, that is canton ....

the people were out in full force today in canton .. i have seen the crowds thicker, but it was such a beautiful day and even though it was the last weekend of warrenton / round top .. the crowds here were wonderful .. everyone seemed in good spirits .. i took a lot of pictures to give you an idea of the crowds and merchandise available .. honestly, it seemed like the old days .. there was some wonderful stuff out here ..

the crowds at canton begin arriving fairly early in the day ..

the are many places in canton to get something to eat.. perhaps the most popular place is the food court at the end of arbor 2 .. it is in the arbors and so it is covered from the weather and there are a variety of places to get anything you want from good old texas bar-b-que to gourmet sandwiches and pizzas ..

a lot of canton is under cover or shelter of some sort .. however, there are still places that are out in the open .. this area is in front of the canton civic center .. a popular place for shoppers looking for antiques and junk ..

i don't know who this guy is, but he always has the most awesome spread of antiques and junk ..

this painted primitive fireplace surround was even more wonderful in person ..

i just love old brass water hose nozzles .. and this dealer had a wonderful display of them .. i liked the visual of this grouping ..

china, china, china .. blue willow to haviland to homer laughlin ..

junk jewelry, costume jewelry .. pieces and sets ..

when rod and i started out selling antiques and collectibles back in the 80s .. one of our specialties was advertising ..

some dealers don't bother with a tent set-up when selling at canton .. they just roll up in their vans, set up tables and start selling ..

if you are in to tin ceiling panels .. dave is your guy .. he has been in the same location for years and years .. selling the same item ..

i couldn't tell if it was an advertising gimic or this was where some couple actually planned to spend their honeymoon .. i am guessing a gimic ..

the wonderfulness that is canton allows you to witness people from all walks of life .. this tireless soldier is here every month delivering her message from sunrise to sunset .. some skirt her .. some confront her .. and yet she continues .. i do admire her commitment, while we may differ on method of delivery ..

enjoy the pics .. have a beautiful Easter with your family and next time you are near canton during first monday - stop in and say hi! ..



  1. I've got to get there sometime, I feel like I'm missing something essential every month, moreso now that y'all are there.

    Lisssen, send me an e-mail letting me know if you have the same yahoo messenger screen name, I haven't seen you on there in forever, and we need to plan a Waco visit! Soon!


  2. Oh, this is just a tease but I am so excited hubby says we are going next month. I can't wait.

  3. Wasn't it just crazy beautiful insanity! We weren't sure what to expect either with Easter weekend and Roundtop but it's been an amazing show! Glad you came by the was so nice to meet you in person! LA

  4. AHHHHHHH shades of long past! Thanks for the memories! Have a wonderful Easter.
    smiles, alice

  5. Guys and sis, It sounds like you all have a great time @ Canton. I hope you make tons of money and found some treasures for us to buy. I hope sis is doing better. It is no surprise Rod's signs were a hit. I wished you all a blessed Easter day, Marta.

  6. Hope you did awesome selling and buying! Looks like such a fun show to sell or buy! I so want to go and am trying to figure out how to get there this year from Nashville. Texans are so talented and great pickers!
    I am new to the blog world since this past Christmas and always fun to follow you.
    Cheers, cindykay

  7. Thanks for taking me with you to Canton via your blog ... would LOVE to get there on day ... one day ...