Sunday, April 11, 2010

your preference requested .. please .. thank you

here is one of the new signs we are making .. it's part of a series of vacation spots we are working on .. it is painted on 3/8" plywood .. it measures approximately 10" by 16"..

my question is .. which do you like? .. i finished one out with an oil based polyurethane and the other i finished out in wax, applied and polished by hand..

the one on the left is finished out in polyurethane .. the one on the right is finished out in hand applied wax ..

finished out in oil based polyurethane .. we may change to a water based polyurethane ..

finished out in hand applied and hand rubbed or polished wax .. in my opinion it has a darker more aged appearance .. and i personally prefer it .. rod likes the clearer finish of the polyurethane .. sherry prefers the one with wax also ..

just curious ..



  1. Wow...that is a tough choice. I like both. The wax makes it look older and more vintate, but if both were available, I would probably go with Rob and get the brightness of the polyurethane. I think either way, it is a win. They are lovely.

  2. I like the wax finish infinitely more. It has a real vintage feel that the polyurethane just can't achieve. That's not to say that the polyurethane doesn't look good, it does. I guess it just depends on what kind of look you're after - fresh out of the package or aged to perfection. Personally, I go for aged to perfection every time.

  3. Of course I prefer the wax. But you already knew I was gonna say that. ;-)


  4. Wax it on...wax it off! Wax has my vote!


  5. Love both! Right now my taste runs to the more vintage looks, so the wax wins. It has that aged beauty you find in vintage items.

    My boys would prefer the brighter finish that the polyurethane provides...

  6. Wax it is. Loved the vintage feel of it. Blessings, Marta.

  7. I like the cleaner look of the poly...but that's just me. No one knows your market better than you...but in case of a tie...flip a coin 'cause they both look great.

  8. Did someone just ask my opinion? Hello?! I love giving my opinion, or in this case, preference. Wax. That's it. Wax. I like it better. Picture me bowing now. Thank you for letting me share. ~Mindy

  9. Like Steve Carell in 40 yr.old virgin....wax wax!

  10. I do like the crisper Poly look, BUT the wax look is more vintage........but don't ask me, I just found out I wore out the glare coating on my glasses and everything is a bit fuzzy...that will teach me to use anything and everything to clean my glasses. I'd like to re-visit this question after my new glasses are in...LOL


  11. I like the wax.... looks very vintage.... either one is great.... Good Job