Friday, April 30, 2010

canton - april / may 2010

yesterday was gorgeous here in canton .. excuse the pics .. i am trying to upload them with a very poor connection .. at&t .. anyway, the crowds were out .. the sun was shining .. and the people were buying .. i meant to take better pics first off .. but we got here late in the day wednesday to set up and unloaded the trailer and van and then slept and got up early and set up the booth .. up early again this morning .. anyway, the people hit us hard buying and by the time i grabbed the camera, a lot of stuff was gone .. you know, you are just going to have to make it out here one day .. saw theresa of garden antiques .. she is doing a show herself this weekend and was out making last minute purchases .. the show she is doing is in montgomery .. check out her blog for details .. i would link to her here,but my fat stubby fingers and tiny keys on a tiny netbook are not cooperating this morning .. so enjoy the pics of our booth .. i am going to try and get out - if it doesn't rain all day - and take some pics of other vendors ..



  1. Really enjoyed shopping your booth. Thanks for the mention and hope y'all have an awesome show. I'll be including your space in a post here shortly. Have a great Friday, T

  2. Hi Troy and Rod:
    Seems we've both been busy! Me, with a wedding gown/wedding that commandeered most of my attention for a month, and you with Canton. I'm just now catching up on all your activities and love what I'm seeing! I'll have to go back and really explore your photos! I'm sure your pillows and those sweet little slipcovered stools are selling like hotcakes!
    Hope you sell your socks off, guys.

  3. saw pics of your booth on teresa's blog and had to come over and say hi. love love those pillows. glad your show is going well.



  4. sigh. Wish I was there. Really! Your space looks fabulous. Lidy

  5. Everything looks great! And thanks for posting the pix's, I enjoyed them even if your stubby fingers are having trouble with the netbook!
    Take care, Sue

  6. It looks fabulous, Troy!

    Are you ever on Messenger anymore? I miss our chats!


  7. Wished I lived closer I would so own one of the stools!! I love the wasp nest in the jar and am digging out one of my jelly jars like that and doing it too!! Have a great Sunday!