Friday, March 5, 2010

pictures to share of last warrenton ..oct 2008

i was looking through some old picture files today and ran across some pics that i don't believe i have ever shared with anyone ..

as many of you know, last warrenton was a muddy mess .. rod and i took a 24 foot box truck of merchandise stuffed .. which we attempted to cram into a 30 x 15 space .. our truck got stuck in the mud in front of our tent and we were unable to totally unpack the truck .. we ended up putting as much as we could into the booth up on tables and stacking stuff on top of one another .. so after the first day of unloading in the rain and getting the van unstuck from the mud - we decided to return to waco with the stuff we were unable to unload and return the truck ..

as has been mentioned, it rained a lot that week .. everywhere in texas .. when we got back to waco and got the truck unloaded rod went to return the truck and i stayed at the warehouse .. after he had been gone for a little bit .. i looked across the sky at the setting sun and was met with the most awesome sight and had to grab my camera ..

today, i am still stunned by the beauty in these photos .. so you will know, i have not altered these photos in any way .. the sky really was that color .. like fire in the clouds ..



  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! And one day, this California girl is going to make it to Texas for the shows. I've promised myself that!!
    Take care, Sue

  2. Beautiful Texas sky! I will be there next week! Can't wait to return to my roots.

  3. I look at this photo and i am in awe of how the Lord can make such a statement through a sunset and clouds... BEAUTIFUL, and thanks for sharing.


  4. Nowhere but in Texas. This is why I love living in this crazy state!

  5. Oh, thanks for showing us these amazing shots. Glorious - majestic - magnificent. He's an awesome Creator - constantly revealing His splendor to us...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  6. After the storm...the sun always comes out, Dianne

  7. Just gorgeous.
    I must've been really lucky, when I was there the weather was perfect, as was your space!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that's the case later this month!


  8. Wow! what super photo's. If I were you I'd use one of them for a desktop background they are so lovely.

  9. Oh my, your cloud photos are amazing.


  10. You made my day - I did a post on clouds once - make you feel dreamy don't they? Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  11. Greetings Troy! Found your blog as I surfed around waking up with my strong cup of coffee. I know the frustration of rain during a show! Hope you had a nice turn out and did super anyway.
    Your cloud pics are amazing!
    cheers, cindykay