Thursday, March 4, 2010

100th post & the importance of junk ..

i heard somewhere one time about people who give their junk importance .. i love that idea .. giving junk importance .. isn't that what we are all after .. to be important .. to matter .. so junk matters .. it holds it all together .. the junk in our lives, the junk in our homes ..

a lot of what we sell these days is stuff we convert, make or re-use .. we hadn't been selling as much of what i like to call the old stuff .. the junk ..the trinkets .. the left behinds .. the forgotten pieces of someones memories .. you know what i am talking about .. and i, having been in the business a long long time, have accumulated a lot of that stuff .. and i want to share something with you that came to me and seems to work .. work really well ..

i gave that junk some importance .. i handled each little trinket or do dad and slipped it into an appropriate size baggie with our business card .. closed up the bag with a staple .. punched a hole in the top with a hole punch .. priced the piece a small price .. lots of stuff under a buck .. most all under $3 .. (and i did most of this while watching the current season of american idol) .. then i hung it on a pegboard .. people loved it .. loved it .. i think we paid our booth rent off this junk .. which we gave importance to ..

don't forget if you are in waco and want to come shop our warehouse to give us a shout out .. we would love to show you around ..



  1. What a genius idea! I know that I'd snatch up MANY of those little bags!

    Just gave your 100th post a shout out over at my place, CONGRATS! :-)


  2. I love this idea! I have boxes of "junk" that I just can't bear to throw out. I know if I donated it, they would toss it. I don't have a shop, but this might work for me at a tag sale. How I wish I lived close enough to shop at your warehouse! So many treasures to look at!

    Nita Jo

  3. Troy!!!! Brillant! Congrats on your 100th post!
    I love the story behind the junk!
    smiles, alice

  4. Congratulations on #100 - time flies, doesn't it? I hope to do some junking in Texas someday and an entire warehouse! of it will be at the top of my list. :-) -amy

  5. Smart idea and you were very productive while watching Amer. Idol. I did the same thing except I was sewing away!!

  6. Very smart. I like it and I'm glad it was well received! Y'all rock! ~Mindy

  7. Congrats on your 100th post and I would love some of those little bags also!! Great idea.

  8. Hey Troy, they always say "one man's trash(junk) is another man's treasure (jewel)". So great idea. Some of us really go for the small stuff, me included. Congrats on the 100 posts!

  9. Happy 100th post! How wonderful Troy!!! I have to tell you if you were ANY where near me I would be one of the ones to buy those precious 3.00 junk baggies...because I so love it and also love to give it a new life!!! Wishing you many more posts in the future....xxoo, Dawn

  10. Congrats!!!
    What a great idea! Who doesn't love good junk?
    Have a nice weekend,

  11. I have the same feeling about Junk, sometimes what I like to do is give a piece of junk some "air" I place it alone. I think we tend to overlook something until we are forced to really look at its intrinsic form and beauty. That is kinda what you did by putting little bits in bags. Love the blog. Lulu

  12. Love it!!
    May borrow that idea for my little store.
    I have lots of 'treasures'.

    barbara jean

  13. I love that idea. I think I will do it with my game pieces, etc. First I need a store. Have fun in Warrenton, I hope you post more photos on this visit!

    Smiles, Cyndi

  14. what a great idea - junk IS important - all of us that go junkin' know just how important it is! i've got enough little junk that i could do what you did - but do i want to part with it???? hmmmmmmmm................