Friday, March 12, 2010

what i did today ...

met some customers today at the warehouse and worked on a couple of projects .. let me know what you think ..

the first is a line of pillow shams i am making - they are muslin with a burlap center .. the center of this pillow has been accented with a crown .. we may be offering other designs in the future, but for now i will just be doing the crown .. i will also be doing slipcovers that compliment these pillows ..

the other project is a lampshade, inspired by the team @ Bloom & Bee Swanky .. i covered a lampshade in some gloves i found when sorting through a box of fabrics ..

i started with a plain jane shade that had a nice taper ..

i first arranged the gloves to make sure i would have enough .. and it appeared that i would ..

the finished project .. i accented the shade with a bow of vintage lace ..

i like the way it turned out .. it kind of grows on you ..

rod, sherry & i are headed up tomorrow to visit jenny with uptown country home and see her at the dallas flea and then over to anthropologie ..

a day of adventure ..



  1. Love it!
    I guarantee you, if you sell that muslin/burlap pillow in your Etsy, you won't be able to keep it in stock.

    Have fun in my hometown!


  2. i sweat i am totally screaming on the inside!!!! I LOVE that lampshade. very, very, very clever. you have started a trend i guarantee!!! thanks for sharing. pillow is awesome too.

  3. Oh good grief!!! The pillow is FANTASTIC Troy!!! Gorgeous for sure - and love the shade!!!

    Yes - I'm in Ft. Worth tomorrow from 9-3 in the barns - the poultry barn to be exact! LOL

    Have fun if I don't see you and oh-my-gosh... anthro... I LOVE LOVE LOVE walking through that store!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  4. Troy:
    LOVE the pillow. It's beautiful!
    And that lampshade...Hey, Girls!!! Give this man a hand! (get it? I know...groan!)
    Love my new baby shoes, Troy. Thanks so much for getting a pair to me so quickly. You're the best!

  5. Oh my gosh how much do I love that pillow! New follower here and so far I likey everything I'm seeing!

  6. Gorgeous pillow shams!!! And what a cute and funky lamp shade!

  7. Love the glove lampshade.......really nice!

  8. super cute pillow!!! Love it!