Sunday, March 14, 2010

silver sunday .. photo frames as dressing mirrors

one of the things i like to do is collect vintage styled and antique styled silverplate picture frames .. i have rod cut mirrors for the frames and then use them for dressing or vanity mirrors .. they always interest people and they have a wonderful look ..

here are some we have in the warehouse now .. mixed with some odd silverplate items .. the candlesticks are not old but have a great look ..

and since it is Silver Sunday .. i thought i would throw in a picture of some galvanized items - i love the old water jug used as a picket sign holder .. and the flower buckets are not old, but we sell them very well at $5.75 each ..

go visit Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal for more participants of Silver Sunday sponsored by Gypsy Fish Journal ..




  1. I love galvanized items too... your flower buckets are fabulous! Theresa

  2. Love the high end low end looks of the silver. The galvanized usefulness as opposed to the shiny frivolity...fabulous! I also loved the idea of using the frames as mirrors.
    ♥, Susan

  3. Prepare to see me soon!
    I need to pick up some of those frames from you, they're great sellers for me!


  4. What a great idea to use the frames with mirror as vanity trays. These would really add to any vignette!

  5. Hi Troy:
    What a great idea to add mirrors to old frames...add light and reflection to any room!
    Have a great Silver Sunday. Hope you'll stop in tomorrow and join our First Blog Birthday Celebration!

  6. Love all these items...thanks for sharing!

  7. Just lovely!! I read your comments on anothers blog and I just had to stop by. I must say I am not disappointed. What a great blog you have! I look forward to following...

  8. Love those candlesticks!!!! OMGoodness, they are fabulous!!!
    Margaret B

  9. I can't decide if I like the candlesticks or the water buckets best... oh heck - I like 'em both equally. LOLOL

    ;-) robelyn

  10. I am just all about metal!!! Viewing another blog where she paints chalkboard paint in the center of a tray and embellishes....just amazing ideas out there. thank you for sharing the silver!!! deb

  11. Troy and Rod, Thanks you for allowing us to come and visit with you last Friday. Troy, so sorry I missed you. I'm going to hoard most of the pretty things I found. Love all the creations (lamp shades, pillows, etc). Thanks for my mom's gift and for making us feel welcome. We will be back. Take care and blessings to you all,Marta