Tuesday, February 9, 2010

awesomeness ..

willows at home .. these people were set up down from us at this past canton .. their names are fred & peggy hunt .. their website is willowsathome.com .. my dream home is filled with items they create .. set off in the woods .. away from the daily grind .. with my pets and loved ones ..

their display set-up was so welcoming and warm .. i loved it ..

i didn't get close-up details of the furniture, but the finish on the tables is so wonderful .. it is a checkboard pattern - kind of like the old picnic tablecloths ..

their twig furniture is made here in the states and the most comfortable and sturdy i have ever seen ..

i love the chandeliers ..

their topiaries and accent pieces are so wonderful, you must see them in person .. so the next time you are in canton - come see them - they are in the arbors - Arbor 2 - just down from us...



  1. I HAVE to have me one of those chandeliers!
    I know I say that about almost everything you post, but this time, I MEAN it.

    I've missed ya, what've you been up to?


  2. Thanks Troy. There booth looks very inviting!
    smiles, alice

  3. Love that earthy hanging fixture, Troy. I might have helped you empty their booth, had I been there! Thanks for the pictures.

  4. Oh my gosh - it's all so pretty!!! I like seeing what makes you tick by the way!!! LOVE the footstool/ottoman!!!

    Happy Wednesday!!!
    ;-) robelyn