Thursday, February 25, 2010

thursday @ canton

today was opening day at canton first monday .. our second time in arbors 2 - we are in spaces 207A & 208 in arbor 2 .. we met some wonderful people today - saw some familiar faces and made some new friends .. we found out that our blog is definitely attracting customers .. which is always nice to know .. one of our new customers is diane @ What A Find Antiques in Katy, Texas.. if you are near .. go check her out ..

so here are some pics of our booth - tomorrow i will post pics of all the cool stuff out there this weekend .. i did get out and do some shopping .. so keep an eye on our etsy shop for new listings fresh from the fields of canton ..

view to the left of the booth - revolving rack of vintage inspired plaques we make using vintage floral letters .. slipcovers and fabrics at the back of the booth .. the glass dome with the bunny underneath, under the oval table .. sold .. love it!

the left side of the booth at the front - a revolving rack of vintage inspired enlarged postcards - we make these - they are packaged with an envelope and an easel that can be attached to the back of the card - we sell them for $3.99 each .. and we have every holiday you can think of ..

the slipcovers and fabrics .. and some suitcases .. and some chenille spreads ..

to the right side of the booth - more cards - more holidays .. lampshades in the back .. loyal customer, bridgette - happy to have found us ..

always kiss me goodnight - picket signs .. we make these .. they are made using old fence pickets .. they sell for $9.95 ..each ..

baby dresses .. and baby shoes .. hang below a beautiful framed baby photo .. the baby shoes have been a big hit .. sold one pair so far ..

old coca cola crate in yellow with red lettering .. filled with shredded kraft paper and nestled with vintage bottles .. and seashells ..

vintage inspired holiday cards and vintage style paper mache bunny rabbits .. and wonderful hand made lye soaps ..

if you make it to canton .. do stop in and see us .. we love meeting new people and really enjoy it when people say they read our blog .. we heard that a lot today .. so thank you!



  1. Lovely set-up. I wish I lived closer.

  2. Such wonderful things! I am going to Texas next month and will check out Diane in Katy, Texas.

  3. Is this not the greatest advertising tool? Your booth looks so pretty and well organized. Hope you have a wonderful show!

  4. You guys make it look so easy! But I know it isn't. That's part of your craft, you make beauty and style look effortless. Please God, let me make it to Canton just once! THAT'S ALL I ASK!!! :-)


  5. Hi Troy:
    The first thing I saw that I liked was that bunny! So, if you do shipping, could I get a pair of baby shoes? (dliljegren at brynwoodneedleworks dot com) Thanks for the photos. Now I feel REALLY bad that we live so far apart!

  6. Troy, sorry I didn't get over to see y'all, a tooth ache wouldn't let me stay long!

  7. OHHHHHHHHH junk! I looooooove junk! Wish I lived in canton!

  8. Really like the picket fence signs......very unique! Lynn

  9. Hello Troy and Rod! I'm one of those 'I read your blog and so excited to meet you' shoppers from Canton. Bought some of your stuff the first day I was there (cold and rainy) and came back the next day (beautiful!) and bought even more! Canton is something to see - amazing! Nothing like it in Nebraska! I knew you were on my favorites list but I see that I have been following you for awhile as well. So great to meet 'celebrity' bloggers! I'll show pics of my trip after I unpack all of my treasures so I hope you'll come and visit me! -- Connie