Wednesday, February 3, 2010

face it ..

aren't these cool? there was a couple set up across from us at canton - well kind of across and down or up - husband and wife team - howard and sharon - they have been doing canton as long as we have, maybe longer - off and on .. they are very creative and very friendly .. actually, i think they are setting up in what used to be judy hills space - in arbor II - spaces 219 & 220 of the many things they do is re-cast old mannequin display heads .. these are copies of mannequin heads they have collected and this is only a small portion of the styles they have available .. they wholesale them for $85.00 - so cool .. i am thinking about one, but cant' decide which to get .. howard makes these himself .. here in America .. which i think is a big plus ..

group shot .. love the look a group shot creates .. just gorgeous ..

the vintage hats are not included and are part of their personal collection .. not sure if the hats are for sale ..

doesn't she look like katherine hepburn .. howard said back in the day when the originals were created they wanted to create mannequins that looked like the movie stars without looking like them enough to cause lawsuits, they you will find mannequins that resemble certain stars .. i think she looks like katherine hepburn ..

this one reminds me of lauren bacall ..

off to work in the warehouse .. new look for the booth coming up for the fabuary february show at canton -



  1. Oh my gosh - Troy those are so cool!!! I have a Styrofoam head in my dining room and I was just looking at it last night thinking, "I hope that's normal"...LOLOL

    You HAVE to get one of those!!!

    Thank You for sharing!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  2. I LOVE those!!!!

    I just purchased a mannequin head/bust this past week, and I just found out she arrived in the mail today, I'm so excited! But she's not nearly as unique as these are, I might just have to send ya some $$$ to get me one!


  3. I love them!!! I have been looking for one that I really like. You have some beauties there..

  4. Troy, You found some beauties. Hope Canton was good & y'all did not freeze/rain. I love that picture of Mother too!!!!!!!!!!!!
    smiles, alice

  5. Those are gorgeous! I was thinking Katherine H. and Lauren B. also. They remind me of the little head vases my mom used to have. Lovely!

  6. What a wonderful idea. Thank goodness for folks like them who are working on preserving the past and little works of art like these.
    I kinda think the last one looks a little like Grace Kelly.