Wednesday, November 18, 2009

white wednesday creation ...

guess i am tardy for the pardy - nod to kim ..

sorry to be so late with my white wednesday post -

it's something i have been working on ... and just finished this evening .. what do you think?

a candy container made with the use of an old bed spring - i made a paper mache ball - the old fashioned way - like we used to do in school - textured it - let it dry and cut it for the opening, painted it white - attached it to the spring and then decorated it - the hat was made with a discarded paper towel roll - his scarf is made from crepe paper that i fringed by hand with a pair of scissors - i call him my Uncle Sam Snowman -

the finished product - i am kind of pleased with the way he turned out and it felt good to be doing something with my hands -
excuse the blur - my eyes were filled with dust today -
close-up of the hat - covered in glitter -

the inside - filled with peppermints -



  1. Oh My Gosh, you've been "holding" out on us! (tp holder) sorry bad pun. Wow, it's so cute, and I just love the spring as the base! Really cool idea. And you paper mache-ed the head and all? I'm totally impressed!

  2. He's adorable! Selling him on Etsy? You should! Make more, I'll buy one!

  3. thank you debra - i love doing things like this - creating with my hands - my heart sings when i am able to create - that is why we are trying so hard to release some of the stuff we have collected - so we can get back to creating -
    and yes, i started with a rusty bed spring - a balloon - a section of newspapers - flour - water - paint - glitter - glue - TP cardboard rolls - crepe paper - all stuff i had in house - didn't have to buy a thing!

    thank you - and getting the spoons ready to mail -

  4. Cute, cute triple cute and clever to boot! I hope you made a lot when you were working...I smell a bestseller!

  5. You are going to have that song playing over and over in my head :) Love your creation!

  6. Oh, I wondered where the candy went.
    Love repurposing things too.

    Nice to meet you Troy.

    Thanks for coming by.

    Going to check out more of your blog now.


    barbara jean

  7. positively brilliant! And one day when it becomes vintage someone will pay $300.00 for him. :) Come for a visit. There's a give-away going on. Happy belated White Wednesday.

  8. Aw, what a cute little guy and a great use for an old bed spring.

  9. Cute cute cute!!! What a clever way to use an old bed spring!

  10. Oh my gosh - he's SO cute!!!!! You dun good! Bed springs are the best - well, for that matter, so are tp rolls. LOLOL

    Have a wonderful afternoon!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  11. How cute is that!!?? Loving your snow man!