Tuesday, November 3, 2009

artwork & stuff

sharing some pics of artwork that will be in the sale - the first pic is my favorite blue bonnet painting of all that i will be selling -

there may be one or two more blue bonnet paintings, but these are some i located for a group pic-

there is something about this piece i really like - it is a pressed flower pod of some kind - the mat around it is hand drawn and it is signed on the back - the lettering at the bottom is the kind of pod it is -

i don't know why i like this - i guess mostly it kind of reminds me of the painting they used in close encounters - also, it has a nice texture -

i love fall and the fall colors, i think that is why i was drawn to this painting -

i love this watercolor - the paper is torn and brittle, someone glued it down on cardboard - which has also become brittle - i just love the way the roses look - and the color looks great -

great selection of old vintage wallpaper - some florals, some solids and some patterns - great for art projects -

table lamps - i just like lamps and because i recover shades - i have a tendency to buy lamps whether i need them or not -
more table lamps -
old childrens shoe forms - and cardboard farm house -

great collection of small trinkets and costume and fashion jewelry -

necklaces and bracelets - and a bottle used to hold a huge assortment of thin bangle bracelets -

villeroy & boch - palermo pattern - dinner plates, luncheon plates, cream soup bowls, cups & saucers - service for 9 -

the coolest vintage banner - the ISLEY BROTHERS - !! so cool!

love this old ad - it's printed on thick cardboard -

ads went in today - it was a long day - more of the same tomorrow -

troy & rod


  1. Troy, if you put that gorgeous torn watercolor rose print aside for me, I pinky swear I'll buy it Friday!

  2. Good luck this weekend - I wish we could come. Maybe I will win big in Vegas and come buy the rest! Love you talented guys!

  3. i hope you take credit cards!!!!

  4. I enjoyed coming to your sale today! I was the one who bought the green/blue wooden filing cabinet with the drawers missing. Do you happen to have any of your photos with it in the picture? My husband totally re-worked the cabinet and I forgot to take any "before photos. He turned it in to the coolest cabinet with shelves.